Derek Hough & Hayley Erbert Give a Wedding Update


“Dancing With the Stars” pro-turned-judge Derek Hough and former DWTS troupe member Hayley Erbert are teasing some exciting things about their upcoming wedding.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Wedding Party Will Probably Have 12 Attendants In It

In an Instagram reel, Erbert posted a video of herself packing up white boxes full of goodies with the names on top of each box blurred out. She captioned the video, “Eeeeekkkkk. Things are happening,” along with a bride emoji. Many commenters are guessing these are bridesmaids’ gifts. There are six boxes, so we are guessing that the wedding party will be six attendants on the bride’s side and six on the groom’s side.

The boxes look like they include a small bottle of champagne, a robe, a tumbler and a little book or box of some kind. There is no word on if these are presents to be given out on the big day, which might mean that Hough and Erbert’s wedding is right around the corner, or, as some commenters guessed, these are gifts where Erbert asks her six people to be her attendants.

Either way, their fans and famous friends are very excited about this sneak peek into the wedding plans.

“Literally the most exciting moments everrrrrrr,” wrote “Dancing With the Stars” pro Koko Iwasaki. Pro Peta Murgatroyd added, “Exciting!!!”, and Hough’s former dance partner on the show Amy Purdy left multiple heart emojis.

Hough and Erbert’s fans were also very excited and are hoping to get more information about the big day.

“How exciting! You give off such kind and thoughtful vibes,” wrote one fan.

Another added, “Bridesmaid invites/gifties?!!! Do we get to know who/will we see their reactions? SO EXCITING!!!!!!”

“Wait!!!!… Did you set a wedding date?!?! Did I miss it? Someone tell me,” wrote a third fan.

Derek Hough Also Teased That the Wedding Is ‘Gonna Be Epic!’

On Sunday, February 5, Michael Bublé won his fifth Grammy, the award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for “Higher.” Hough took to Instagram to congratulate his friend. Hough actually worked with Bublé on the music video for “Higher,” the lead single off the album. Hough directed the video and Erbert starred in it alongside Bublé.

“When @michaelbuble asked me to create and direct the video for the title track ‘Higher,’ I was incredibly honored. After knowing each other from afar for 5 years we finally met in person for lunch a year ago. It was love at first appetizer. I knew this album was special, and seeing him put so much passion and effort into it makes this Grammy Win even sweeter to witness!!!! Congrats Brother!” wrote Hough.

What does this have to do with Hough and Erbert’s wedding, you might be wondering? Well, Hough revealed during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” that Bublé is singing at the wedding.

And because of that, Bublé joked that they’re going to bring his Grammy to the wedding so that they can drink out of it.

“We!! We!! We won!!! Can we drink out of it at the wedding!!??????? Love you guys,” wrote Bublé in the comments on Hough’s Instagram post, to which Hough replied, “@michaelbuble this wedding is gonna be epic ! Bring the Grammy.”

There is no word yet as to just when Hough and Erbert are tying the knot. The two got engaged in June 2022 after seven years of dating. Hough got Erbert to agree to go on a helicopter ride over Yosemite National Park in order for the proposal event team to get the couple’s house set up for the big moment.

When they arrived home, the house was filled with roses and candles and Hough proposed in their living room. You can watch the video here.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 32nd season in the fall of 2023 on Disney Plus.

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