Derek Hough Admits to Ripping Out Co-Star’s Hair

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Derek Hough worked with Jennifer Lopez for years on “World of Dance,” but it’s a surprise he didn’t blow his chance.

The six-time ”Dancing with the Stars” mirrorball champ served as a judge on the NBC competition series alongside Lopez and Ne-Yo for four seasons, but he recently revealed a story of an earlier encounter with the “On the Floor” singer that could have landed him on her bad side.

Here’s what you need to know:

Derek Hough Revealed He Accidentally Ripped J-Lo’s Hair Out of Her Head

Derek Hough

HeavyDerek Hough onstage at The Venetian on August 17. 2022.

During his “Derek Hough: No Limit” show at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas on August 17, 2022, Hough mixed up dance moves with comedy bits.

At one point, he swiped an audience member’s purse just for fun, and in another segment, he quipped, “I don’t know why they call it ballroom—these pants are tight.” He also came out at the end of the show wearing a bathing suit and revealed he was going to jump into his ice bath right after.

But in another segment, Hough namedropped as he recalled the time he accidentally ripped Jennifer Lopez’ hair and how she later sent him a photo of her bald spot.

In a monologue during his show, Hough revealed that he once went to a salsa club with the superstar singer and thought to himself, “Oh my God, I’m dancing with Jennifer Lopez.”

A star-struck Hough revealed he lowered Lopez to the floor and didn’t realize his foot was on her hair. When he yanked her up he pulled a chunk of her hair out, but he didn’t realize it – and J-Lo didn’t let on. Instead, the singer continued to dance and indiscreetly scooped up her ripped-out tresses. It wasn’t until later that she went up to Hough and said to him, “Do you know what you did? “

Hough told fans that Lopez then “reached into her purse and pulled out this rodent,” which he soon realized was actually a big chunk of her hair.

Hough added that one week later, he got a call from Lopez asking him if he wanted to be a judge with her on the new show “World of Dance.” The DWTS pro admitted he is “still trying to figure” out the moral of the story.

Hough Shared the J-Lo Hair Story in 2020 & Called it ‘Not the Best Moment’

World of Dance Online Live Stream, World of Dance Livestream

NBCDerek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan, Ne-Yo

Hough did share the story about J-Lo on social media in the past.

According to PopSugar, in November 2020, the pro dancer shared a series of Instagram stories in which he recounted the night out with Lopez at a salsa club. He revealed that he dipped J-Lo and thought their dance was going well, until he found out he stepped on her long hair.

“I stepped on her hair and pulled her back up and, unfortunately, I yanked out a chunk of her hair,” Hough revealed. “Not the best moment that I’ve had in my life.”

“She didn’t hold it against me and we had a wonderful working relationship with each other for the next couple of years,” he added. “Thanks for not hating me after that, Jennifer.”

Not only does Lopez not hate Hough, but she gave him solid advice when he started his residency at the Summit Showroom at the Venetian.

“She gave me some good advice,” Hough told Entertainment Tonight in 2020. “Her MO is hustle, right? It’s like, ‘Make sure you hustle. Make sure you keep people out there seeing the show and you’re working.’ She’s great. She goes hard in her show. She goes hard in everything.”

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