Derek Hough Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Derek Hough

Getty Derek Hough in 2020

Over the past few years, Dancing with the Stars viewers have gotten to know star Derek Hough, who had performed on the show for many years. Hough is a professional dancer and choreographer and has won two Emmy awards. Hough has earned much success over the years, and rightfully so.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hough’s estimated net worth is at or around $8 million. So, how did this Dancing with the Stars celebrity earn his money? Here’s what you need to know about Derek Hough’s net worth:

1. Derek Hough Has Had a Long-Standing Spot on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Throughout the years, Hough has had a long-standing spot on Dancing with the Stars. According to his IMDb page, Hough began appearing on the show as a professional instructor during season five, getting paired with popular celebrities like Kellie Pickler and Amber Riley. Hough competed on the show until Season 23 and currently, Hough is a judge for the show’s 29th season.

While Variety reported that the celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars make around $125,000 for the rehearsal period and the first two weeks of the show, it seems like the pros make a lot less money. According to Reel Rundown, during the first few seasons of the show, pros made anywhere from $1,600 to $5,200 per episode. Presumably, that number is probably higher now. However, that number hasn’t been confirmed by any Dancing with the Stars officials. As a judge, Reel Rundown estimated that Hough would make somewhere around $1 million.

2. Derek Hough Is a Judge on ‘World of Dance’

In 2017, Hough became a judge on NBC’s World of Dance, according to Us Weekly. World of Dance is a show where dancers compete for a grand prize of $1 million, as well as the title of “best dancer in the world.” World of Dance has been extremely successful, and Hough’s fellow judges include Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

In September 2020, Hough raved about his role on World of Dance to Entertainment Tonight. “For me, I love World of Dance so much, that show is so phenomenal,” Hough told Entertainment Tonight. “And that’s what’s so great about the two shows, they’re so different, so I don’t feel like that sense of conflict. So if the next season of World of Dance happens then I’d love to be a part of it.”

3. Derek Hough Has Written a Book

Hough also makes money by being an author. In 2014, Hough published a book called Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion. In the book, Hough shared more about his life, his career, and his personal experience with dance. On Amazon, the paperback version of his book is priced at $15.99, while the hardcover version is at $16.67.

In 2014, Hough appeared on Good Morning America to promote his book, revealing that he wrote about the bullying he faced when he was younger. “When I was writing this, I was reflecting back on my past experiences,” Hough told Good Morning America. “I look back at those experiences as something that happened for me, not to me…looking back at people in general, in everyday life, you really wonder what’s going on with them and what’s going on in their life.”

4. Derek Hough Went on a 59-City Tour

In 2019, Hough embarked on his first solo dance tour, hitting 59 cities along the way. Typically, Hough did tours with his sister Julianne Hough, but last year, he decided to do something different. The prices of the tour seemed to depend on which city he was performing in. For example, at a theater in Michigan, tickets started at $49.50.

“This tour has been received so well and it has been an unbelievable show that I have created,” Hough told Haute Living in 2019. “It feels so different than anything I have done before. We have a live band infused with dancing. I worked hard on the set list that includes everything from motown to big band music. It covers several different genres. The audience response has been incredible. They want CDs of the music. From a musical standpoint, people love the music and we infuse it with world class dancing. It has been a really amazing response so far.”

5. Derek Hough Makes Money Through Social Media

GAME NIGHT at our house! – Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert’s Dayley LifeWelcome to game night at the “Hough Haus!” Play along and try to guess before we do as we play Incohearant and Watch Yo Mouth. Comment below with suggestions of other games you want to play with us for our next game night! ——————————————— HAYLEY ERBERT Instagram- DEREK HOUGH Instagram-

Social media and YouTube can be a very popular avenue for stars to make money these days. On his social media pages, Hough has partnered with various sponsors, such as Cheez-Its and GoPro.

Currently, Hough also has a YouTube channel with his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert. The couple posts consitent videos on their YouTube channel, catering to a wide audience. In their videos, they share anything from recipes to Dancing with the Stars tea to Q+A’s.

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