Derek Hough Could Replace Len Goodman Permanently on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Derek Hough DWTS Finale Dance


Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is over, and a winner has been crowned, but there are still plenty of changes waiting in the wings for who could end up on the judging panel and hosting the show for season 30.

This past season, Derek Hough returned to the ballroom to take longtime judge Len Goodman’s spot due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, it looks as though that might be a permanent change.

According to sources speaking with The Sun, there are plenty of people behind-the-scenes who are hoping to keep Hough around for the long haul.

Producers Reportedly Want Hough to Continue Juding on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Ths Sun reported that Len Goodman may not be welcomed back to Dancing With the Stars even when travel restrictions are lifted because of how well Hough’s presence at the judging table on DWTS was received.

An insider told The Sun that Hough “brought a fresh energy to the role and show, and is hugely popular with his screen stars, contestants and crew.”

The executives originally planned for Hough to be a short-term replacement for Goodman, but it seems that they may now change their minds on how long Hough stays on the show.

Executives and Co-Judges Believe Hough Is a Good Fit for the Show

According to sources talking to The Sun, Carrie Ann Inaba has also been fighting for Hough to be on the panel permanently. There’s also a case to be made having to do with the health and safety of Goodman, who is 76 years old.

The Sun reported that, even if a COVID-19 vaccine is developed and widely distributed, they’re not sure when Goodman would be able to return due to insurance and liability reasons.

“Len is a legend and has been a great servant to the show, b ut times are different and so are the considerations,” the source told the outlet. “Derek not only stepped in, but was a hit from the start. His work makes it almost impossible to not have him back. Derek also brings entertainment too as he showed this season that he can do unique dancing routines.”

They added that fans were excited about Hough’s energy and two performances throughout the season.

Carrie Ann Inaba pointed to Hough as one reason the show has succeeded.

“I actually liked having no audience in a weird way because it became more intimate between the judges and the competitors,” she told the outlet. “It really felt like we did it all together. It was a unified feeling. Because with the circumstances going on in the world, we all were united and deeply committed to bringing a great season to everybody and I feel like that was powerful the way it was so intimate. And I gotta say that there is a guy sitting in the middle that I think should be a part of this from here on out. I love Mr. Derek.”

Bruno Tonioli also loved seeing Hough as one of the judges on the show.

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