Derek Hough Shares Touching Tribute to DWTS Season 31 Contestants

Derek Hough

ABC Derek Hough shared a touching post after "Dancing With the Stars" season 31 wrapped up.

“Dancing With the Stars” six-time Mirrorball champion-turned-judge Derek Hough did not hold back in his post about the end of the show’s first season on Disney+.

Hough praised the cast and his time on the show in his first post-season 31 Instagram post.

“I truly felt the heart and soul return to the ballroom,” he shared. “I can honestly say there has never been or will ever be a show like Dancing With the Stars. I feel beyond lucky and honored to be a part of it, and can’t wait for many more to come after this wildly groundbreaking and successful season.”

Hough Praised the Contestants on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31

Hough used the post to congratulate all the contestants who competed on “Dancing With the Stars” season 31.

“To all the competitors, you achieved so much working tirelessly to create memorable, show-stopping and heartfelt performances,” he wrote. “We are all fortunate to witness your journeys, hard work and dedication.”

The professional dancer shared that the day after “Dancing With the Stars” concludes is often “disorienting no matter the outcome.”

“My hat is off to all of you for being bold enough to step out onto this coveted dance floor, take a risk and to just go for it,” Hough concluded.

Fans thanked Hough for his dedication to “Dancing With the Stars,” though some begged to have the show brought back to ABC.

“We’ve watched for several seasons and this season was fantastic! Alfonso [Ribeiro] as a co-host was a great add!” one person wrote in the comment section.

Ribeiro was added as a co-host ahead of season 31 in order to cover the show for having no commercials and bringing back the fan-favorite skybox.

Another person commented, “The move to Disney + injected new life into the show. As well as Conrad [Green] returning. Plus it was so nice to have group dances and a proper troupe again after the worst of Covid. Absolutely incredible season. Best wishes to Hayley, hope her shoulder is ok!”

Green was also brought back onto the show ahead of season 31. He worked on the show for years, and as a showrunner, he has quickly become a fan-favorite.

Hough & His Fiance, Hayley Erbert, Pulled Out of Their Finale Performance

Hough and his fiance, Hayley Erbert, were set to dance on the “Dancing With the Stars” finale. Unfortunately for fans, Hough announced that they had to pull out of the routine on his Instagram Stories the night before the show alongside a teary-eyed Erbert.

“So we were going to be doing a performance for tomorrow’s finale for ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ but during camera blocking right now, we, unfortunately, there was an injury, and we’re going to have to pull out, unfortunately,” he shared. “We were so excited to show you all, we worked so hard on it. It was looking beautiful.”

He said that health takes priority over delivering the dance.

“Hayley hurt her shoulder,” he revealed. “And we tried dancing through it but unfortunately it was one of those things that you can’t really dance through because you just don’t mess around with shoulder injuries.”

Hough said that, while production was “so kind” and “gracious,” they had to call it even though Erbert wanted to keep going.

Erbert has since gone in to have an MRI done on her shoulder, and she will be updating fans once she knows her next steps to healing.

“Dancing With the Stars” will return for season 32 on Disney+ in the fall of 2023.