PHOTO: Derek Hough Shaves His Beard for the ‘First Time in Years’

Derek Hough.

ABC Derek Hough shaved for the first time in years.

Derek Hough has shaved his beard for the “first time in years” and he’s now rocking a goatee.

The “Dancing With the Stars” judge shared a post on his Instagram Stories letting fans know that he decided to give himself a bit of a trim. In a subsequent video, Hough revealed that he shaved even more of his beard off.

“I’ve gone even more,” Hough said in a video, showing off his clean-shaven cheeks. “I’ve cut down smoother and I fear that I’ve made a mistake. I got a straight up goatee,” he continued. He officially premiered his look on the red carpet for the premiere of the new “Top Gun” movie in San Diego on May 4, 2022.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hough Doesn’t Think Anyone in His ‘Circle’ Likes His New Look

Derek Hough.

Getty ImagesDerek Hough has a goatee.

Hough isn’t too sure about his new look, and shared that those closest to him — including his girlfriend Hayley Erbert — don’t care for his goatee, either.

“Are we liking this?” Hough asked his Instagram followers. “I don’t know. I don’t think anybody in my circle likes it,” he said, pointing his camera to Erbert and then over to another friend who was with them at the time.

On May 4, 2022, Hough’s new look made its official debut on the red carpet of the “Top Gun: Maverick” film premiere. He looked dapper in a pair of white slacks and a gray and white collared shirt.

Hough is planning on returning to DWTS when the season 31 kicks off, likely sometime in the fall of 2022. At the “Top Gun” premiere, he was asked about the show’s move from ABC to Disney+, and he said that he’s “excited about it.”

“At first, I was like, ‘Wha? What does that mean?!’ But within 10 seconds, I was very, very excited about it. I think that’s where a lot of things are moving toward,” Hough told Entertainment Tonight at the event. “‘Dancing With the Stars’ has always been a trailblazer, they’ve always been the first to do things. So to move into this area is very bold, very brave, and I’m very excited about it, to be a part of that new phase in television,” he added.

Hough Hasn’t Always Had a Beard

If you’ve been a fan of Hough’s for a long time, you probably know that he hasn’t always had facial hair. He has sported a beard frequently as he has gotten older and now, he rarely shaves.

Back in 2020, he took to Facebook to make a fairly epic dad joke.

“I used to hate facial hair. But then it grew on me,” read a caption on a photo of Hough carrying power tools through thigh-deep water, apparently for an ad.

“Now that I’ve got a beard, I can finally do man things. Like carry around power tools and weights for no apparent reason. Even in lakes. Totally spontaneous moment captured by @hebercannon . Have a great Saturday, Stay thirsty my friends,” he wrote.

In 2016, Hough shaved his face completely, and posted that it was taking him some time to get used to it.

“Still getting used to this clean shaven thing. #chinfeelscold,” Hough wrote.

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