Fans Vow to Boycott ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31

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Disney+ "Dancing With the Stars"

Some fans of “Dancing With the Stars” are vowing to skip season 31 as promotional content is pumped out on social media.

Disney+ announced on Twitter on April 8, 2022, that the show is now going to be the first live show the streaming service is introducing. The show will no longer be airing live on ABC and will instead live only on the parent network’s streaming service.

“Get the Mirrorball ready,” the tweet read. “Dancing With the Stars” is moving to a new home when it returns this fall as the first LIVE series on #DisneyPlus #DWTS.”

A new promotional video was posted to Facebook on September 12, 2022, and some fans took to the comments to say they would not be watching the show.

Fans Say They Won’t Watch the New Season

The promotion told viewers to get Disney+ ahead of the new season, reminding fans that the show will premiere on Monday, September 19, 2022.

“We’re unable to contain our excitement,” the text reads. “Catch the LIVE season premiere of #DWTS, streaming in just ONE WEEK on Disney+.”

It also reminds viewers that they can currently subscribe to the streaming service for just $1.99 through the premiere date.

That’s not good enough for some viewers, however, as they don’t want to pay at all to watch the show.

“I have not missed one season of DWTS but I will miss watching them this season,” one person wrote. “We don’t have Disney+ and we can’t afford to get it either.”

Another person commented, “Have you considered loss of viewers due to using a streaming service at our cost. I’d love to watch but not like that.”

Some people think the ratings will plummet.

“Their ratings are going to go down for this. They could have moved it to a different day like they have in the past. I refuse to pay for Disney plus just to watch this not worth it to me. Oh well so much for that show,” one comment reads.

One person wrote, “Why are you NOT listening to your longtime fans…we won’t be watching!!!!”

Some people said Disney should be ashamed of the decision.

“Change is not always better!” one person wrote. “You will be losing fans. The demographics, the majority of people that watch Dancing do not have the Disney channel. Seems like each year you come up with some awful changes to lose fans.”

Another wrote, “Shame on you Disney! You have taken this show away from all of us who have watched for many years!”

‘Dancing With the Stars’ is Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Features

For the first time in multiple seasons, the skybox will be back as a feature of the ballroom, the cast announced at the D23 expo. According to a recap on Reddit, that’s not the only change that was made ahead of the new season.

According to the recap, voting will be open not only to people watching in the U.S., but also to people watching the show live in Canada.

In addition to live voting across multiple countries as well as the skybox, the troupe will be making its return and will feature four dancers performing multiple numbers each week.

“Dancing With the Stars” premieres on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022.

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