DWTS Alum is Turning Love Story Into a Movie

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A “Dancing with the Stars”  alum is working on a huge project – with a surprising ex.

DWS season 7 contestant Lance Bass has been married to actor and artist Michael Turchin since 2014.  In October 2021, the couple welcomed twin babies Violet Betty and Alexander James via surrogate, per Us Weekly.

While he is a family man today, in the 1990s Bass dated a female TV star before he publicly came out as gay in 2006. It is that relationship that will be the subject of a new movie, and the NSYNC singer will work with his famous ex on the project.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lance Bass & ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Danielle Fishel Are Working on a Movie About Their 1990s Romance

Bass was the guest on an August 2022 episode of the “Pod Meets World” podcast that Fishel co-hosts with her former “Boy Meets World” co-stars Will Friedle and Ryder Strong. During the pod, it was revealed that Bass dated Fishel for a year in the late 1990s and even took her to her high school prom before breaking her heart two weeks later.

“I dated Lance for about a year while I was on ‘Boy Meets World.’ It was my senior year, and Lance came with me to my high school prom,” Fishel said. “Lance and I had a hotel room booked and I had a vision for what that night was going to be, and Lance was very nervous about what my vision for that night was going to be.”

“Lance and I had a very wonderful, very warm, loving relationship but it was completely lacking of intimacy — intimacy in the romantic sense,” the actress said, adding that the disastrous prom sleepover night “was kind of the impetus for him to say, ‘I’m going to end our relationship.'”

The two remained friends after their split.

“Lance and I are actually working on a movie about our love story and about our prom experience,” Fishel told listeners.

“The reason we wanted to make this prom story into a film, I think so many people can relate to that story,” Bass added, explaining that the prom night was “the catalyst” for him to begin to accept the fact that he was gay.

The movie script will be written by Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland, per Parade.

Danielle Fishel was Supportive of Lance Bass When He Came Out as Gay

On the podcast, Fishel said she held out for “too long” with the hope that she would get back together with Bass and they would get married. Co-host Friedle then asked Bass, “Lance, why did you break up with her?” to which the singer cracked: “Oh, she knows what she did.”

In 2006, Bass publicly came out as gay at age 27 in a cover story for People magazine. The singer admitted that the pressure of being in the popular boy and NSYNC made it harder for him to come out because he “had four other guys’ careers” in his hand. Once he came out, Bass told the outlet, “I’m not devastated going through this. I’m more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I’m just happy.”

In a 2020 episode of Bass’s “Daily Popocast” podcast, Bass reunited with his ex-girlfriend Fishel. On the pod, he admitted he “fell in love” with the teen actress after first meeting her.

Fishel also recounted that Bass told her he was gay privately and that they hugged and she told him it was all okay.

“I always knew you would completely accept me,” Bass said on the podcast. “But you know, for someone being that young and going through that and being so closeted and not telling one person. It’s just embarrassing …. It was a different time, you know.”

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