Fans Lash out at Tyra Banks for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fashion Choices

Tyra Banks DWTS Fashion

ABC/Eric McCandless Tyra Banks hosts 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Each week, a new episode of Dancing With the Stars airs and features Tyra Banks as the host, and each week, fans seem to get more upset with her regarding her fashion choices.

Last week, for instance, when Banks wore a large yellow dress, fans took to Twitter to compare her to Big Bird and say that she should have worn something different.

For Icons Week, it seemed like she started out strong, but when she changed into a new outfit in an ode to Nicki Minaj, fans expressed their displeasure on social media. She announced her intention on Instagram before the show, writing, “Tonight I’ll be rockin’ GREEN again, paying inspiration homage to an acting & music ICON.”

Fans on Twitter Disliked Banks’ Nicki Minaj Outfit

As soon as Banks appeared in her new outfit, fans started to talk about it on Twitter and continued throughout the night.

“@DancingABC oh please Tyra Banks! Stop with all the outfits! You look ridiculous! Oh please bring back Tom & Erin,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote, “I’m glad whoever is styling @tyrabanks on DWTS is choosing God awful outfits,” and they said that “she deserves all that.”

Some were more diplomatic, writing things like, “@DancingABC @tyrabanks I want to be nice… but that second outfit” and including a sad emoji.

Another user wrote, “@DancingABC why do we have to be subjected to awful Tyra Banks? Is it necessary to see her strut out like she’s on the catwalk? This is a dance show! She can’t even do a decent interview. And those god awful outfits. Get rid of her!”

Others said Banks distracts from the rest of the show, writing, “Tyra Banks looks terrible in those ridiculous outfits. She is not the focus of the show rather she is just a distraction.”

“Ok back on Tyra Banks.. again what the f***??? Odd outfits at the least but tonight’s??? The Jetsons? Star Wars. Again WTF?” another wrote.

Plenty of users said the show shouldn’t focus so much on Banks. One wrote, “@TyraBanks please stop making DWTS about your outfits. We know, you look fabulous, but the show’s not about you.”

Yet another wrote, “@TyraBanks @DancingABC you and your outfit need to be rethought. And the windblown look doesn’t help either. Grow the F up and let the show be about the contestants instead of you!”

Other Fans Adored Banks’ Outfits and Cited Nostalgia

Fans seemed to enjoy Banks’ first outfit of the night, and some even reached out to say they liked both of the host’s outfits, especially because the first reminded them of Life Size. 

“@DancingABC tonight and @tyrabanks in that outfit is giving me flashbacks to Life Size,one user tweeted.

“@DancingABC @TyraBanks is wearing beautiful outfits tonight,” another wrote.

One replied to Banks’ tweet about her outfit with, “Congrats! Looking great I know you will regardless whatever the outfit will be.”

Dancing With the Stars airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Mondays on ABC.

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