DWTS Pro Gleb Savchenko Eyes Another TV Show

Gleb Savchenko and his daughters, Olivia and Zlata

Instagram Gleb Savchenko and his daughters, Olivia and Zlata

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Gleb Savchenko recently floated an idea for a reality TV show starring himself and his two daughters. Read on to find out his big idea and why he thinks it would be wildly successful.

Savchenko Says A Reality Show About His Family Would Be ‘Amazing’

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Savchenko was asked about what is like co-parenting with his ex Elena Samodanova. He and Samodanova filed for divorce in November 2020 and have been sharing custody of their two daughters, Olivia, 10, and Zlata, 4, ever since. He said it’s been going so well that he thinks they should star on a reality TV show.

“It’s an amazing TV show idea, by the way! Hot single dad with kids? Game over!” said Savchenko, adding that his two girls would “100 percent” be up for having their own reality show, especially Olivia.

“Olivia would be, like, killing it,” said Savchenko.

The two girls are turning out to be quite the talented dancers, which is not a huge surprise considering both of their parents are professional dancers. Olivia and Gleb recently won a father-daughter ballroom dancing competition, and at the same event, Zlata won the children’s chicken dance competition.

Savchenko Said Since The Split, He Actually Spends Way More Time With His Children

In the same interview, Savchenko told “Entertainment Tonight” that before he and his wife split, he actually didn’t very much day-to-day parenting because he was always “on tour or on [‘Dancing With the Stars’],” so they “had a full-time nanny.” But now he is much more involved and he loves it.

“Now we go strictly five and five. It’s 50/50, so on my days, it’s like 100 percent me being a single dad with two girls,” said Savchenko, adding, “It’s everything. Starting from waking up in the morning, to doing their hair, making breakfast, taking them to school, doing activities … just being a dad, it’s an amazing thing.”

He went on to say that he has always loved his girls “to death” but it is so much richer being more involved.

“There’s such a bond that we have. It’s just kind of something that I’ve realized being with them. I love them to death, but when you’re working, when you’re busy, when you’re not there, when you’re not present as much as you want to. Now I’m present all the time and that’s like an amazing gift of life,” said Savchenko. “Being a dad, especially to girls, it’s like the best thing. Just being with them, being loved, and giving love.”

The Savchenko family certainly has had its share of big moments lately. In addition to the ballroom dancing win, Savchenko recently became a U.S. citizen and he has listed his 3500-square-foot Laurel Canyon ranch home for sale for just over $3 million as part of his divorce from Samodanova.

Savchenko also revealed to “Entertainment Tonight” that while he would say he’s “single” at the moment, he has someone special in his life.

“I have a friend, let’s put it this way. A friend,” said Savchenko. “I have a beautiful friend. She’s kinda famous. That’s it!”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 premieres Monday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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