‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 30: Who Fans Want to See in the Ballroom in 2021

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Season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” concluded in late 2020, and the show was renewed early in 2021 for a 30th season. Many fans have already developed a casting wishlist including celebrities, judges and hosts for a new season.

After taking a year between seasons, “Dancing With the Stars” premiered for season 29 in 2020 with a new host, Tyra Banks, and a different judging panel due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Prior to the premiere of season 29, DWTS announced that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, long-time hosts of the show, had been removed. They also revealed that Len Goodman would not be participating in the show and would be replaced by Derek Hough.

So, where does that leave viewers for the next season of the show? Read on to find out what we know and what fans seem to want.

Fans Got Their Wish of Derek Hough Staying on as Judge

Many fans loved Derek Hough’s performance as a judge on DWTS and seemed to want him to stay on for another season, though it’s not clear what that might mean for Len Goodman.

“I really loved [Derek Hough] as a judge this season!” one fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “I want [Derek Hough] to stay a permanent judge on DWTS.”

Others thought it was the best new thing about DWTS in season 29. One person tweeted, “The best thing [Dancing With the Stars] did was bring you on as a judge [Derek Hough]! You are an amazing dancer & the Gene Kelly of today!”

Fans definitely appreciated Hough’s performances during his time on the show as well.

Luckily for those fans, Hough has been confirmed to be returning to the judging table alongside Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman.

Some Fans Want a Change in Hosting

While some fans definitely like seeing Tyra Banks as the host of the show, others would like her removed as the host and replaced with someone else.

One viewer wrote to Banks, “Please resign from DWTS! I would like to watch it again! You turned it into a fashion show and it’s a dance show!”

Another wrote, “DWTS may have needed a ‘refresh,’ but replacing Tom & Erin with Tyra Banks was NOT the way to do it! I hated her over-the-top, fake energy (i.e. yelling) and her total lack of dance knowledge. She had NO idea what to ask the dancers in interviews either.”

Banks will return as a host despite the backlash, and she’s already said she’s very excited for the next season.

Which Stars Do Fans Want in the Ballroom?

Fans always have an idea of who they would like to see on “Dancing With the Stars,” and this year is no different. Plenty of fans have tweeted to say they would like to see English singer-songwriter Harry Styles.

“I want to see Harry Styles on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” one fan wrote. “Could u imagine?… Seeing him dance every week in sparkly outfits snisjsjsjsjusjejs IM SCREAMING”

One fan hopes to see comedian and actor Jack Black put on some ballroom shoes, writing “i think [Jack Black] should be on next season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’.” 

Another fan on Twitter hopes to see Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, Claudia Conway on the show, tweeting, “i want to see Claudia Conway on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ i think she would body that.”

It’s unlikely that Conway will make her way onto the show anytime soon, however, as she auditioned for “American Idol” and actually got onto the show for a few rounds before being sent homeShe has, however, made her mark on TikTok and other social media platforms in the past year, so it’s not impossible that we may see her on the show at some point in the future.

One fan thought that Floyd Mayweather should join the cast.

“Floyd has always been boring, he should be on ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” the fan wrote in a response to a tweet about YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul.

When it comes to professional dancers, fans have differing opinions on who they might like to see make a return. One dancer that has been rumored to possibly return is Hayley Erbert, who is the girlfriend of Derek Hough and a talented professional dancer.

Season 30 of DWTS will likely premiere in 2021.

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