‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Are in a Frenzy Over Tyra Banks & Her Wardrobe

DWTS Tyra Wardrobe

ABC/Eric McCandless

Each week, Dancing With the Stars viewers tune in to watch the contestants dance and see who gets sent home at the end of the night. This season, fans are also watching Tyra Banks, the new host, and taking to Twitter to talk about her outfits.

During the episode that aired on Monday, November 2, Banks walked out in a big, poofy, yellow dress, and viewers immediately started to compare the host to Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Prior to the show, though, Banks said she was wearing yellow because it’s her favorite color.

“This week, I’ll be rocking some yellow (my fave color!) and some neon that will blow your mind,” Banks posted on Instagram on Monday, November 2.

Fans Thought Banks Looked Like Big Bird

Though the Dancing With the Stars host was wearing her favorite color, fans took no time to start comparing her outfit to the big yellow bird that walks around on Sesame Street. 

“So Tyra went from Tweety Bird to Big Bird!!!” one user tweeted. “Who is her stylist!!”

“Big bird called, he wants his costume back Tyra!’ another wrote.

After Banks changed into her second dress, another fan asked, “Um, did Tyra already change into ANOTHER Big Bird dress?!?”

Others tweeted directly to the show to express their thoughts about Banks’ outfit.

“@DancingABC this show is getting more and more ridiculous as Tyra struts in the ballroom looking like big bird. It’s a d*** dance show not a runway. So tacky,” one person tweeted to the show.

After the official Dancing With the Stars Twitter account tweeted about Banks’ “walk-on,” fans replied to that to express their displeasure.

“She looks like big Bird! And it’s NOT the Tyra show it’s a dancing show! What happened to introducing the DANCERS?,” an annoyed viewer wrote.

Viewers Dislike Banks’ Fashion Choices

Since she first took over as the host on the show, viewers have taken to social media to talk about their hate for Banks’ fashion choices, with many of them saying they feel as though she uses the show as her own fashion show.

On October 26, one person tweeted, “I really miss the days when DWTS wasn’t a Tyra Banks fashion show.”

Her fashion isn’t the only thing that has been upsetting Dancing With the Stars fans, though. After a recent post where she talked about ordering takeout from multiple restaurants and delivery services, her followers told her she was out of touch because so many people are suffering financially because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One person replied to the tweet with a photo that read “Tyra, there’s people dying.”

“Neat, I’m forwarding this helpful life hack to the stressed out local food bank,” another person replied to her. Another followed along the same vein, writing, “People are lined up at food banks. For real.”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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