Fans Criticize Tyra Banks for Making ‘DWTS’ Ballroom Her ‘Runway’

Tyra Banks

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Each episode of Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars begins with host Tyra Banks walking into the ballroom, displaying her signature fashion sense, and welcoming viewers to the live show. Now, fans of the show are pushing back on the new tradition.

In the most recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, host Tyra Banks walked out in a green jumpsuit that was a recreation of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic 2000 Grammy’s look. While fans seemed to like her outfit, they still took to Twitter to say that the dramatic walk on and air blowing in the host’s face was too much.

Fans also lashed out at the host to say that they didn’t think that the dress Banks wore was a good representation of the dress. The Versace gown is iconic, so it’s not surprising that fans took issue with the look.

Fans Think Banks Makes the Ballroom Her ‘Runway’

Fans of Dancing took to Twitter during the most recent episode to express their feelings about the way Tyra Banks enters the ballroom each episode.

“@DancingABC The ridiculous costumes, the grand runway entrances-when will Tyra figure out that this isn’t the Tyra Banks show? I can’t understand her most of the time. It sounds like crackling, words slurred together or so overdramatised it’s abnormal,” one Twitter user posted.

Another wrote, “Can someone please tell #TyraBanks that #DWTS is not about her. She acts like it’s her own runway & it’s pretty ridiculous.”

Yet another viewer of the show said, “Really @tyrabanks @DancingABC is not some runway competition it is a dancing show. So act like a normal host or get lost lady #disappointed.”

Some fans even called for Banks to be fired over the way she presents herself on the show.

“I am so over Tyra Banks,” one person wrote. “She treats this show like it’s her personal runway. She makes everything be about her. So awkward!!! If #DWTS wants to take the show in a different direction, there are many other people who would be much more relatable as a host.”

Banks Does Not Pay Attention To the Criticism

When it comes to the people who want her fired and the criticism she has received for taking over from longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, Banks had a simple reply, according to Extra.

“You know what’s so crazy is I don’t read it,” she said of the criticism and the drama.

She also noted that ratings have improved since she’s been on the show. Those kinds of numbers mean it’s unlikely that Banks will be going anywhere in the near future. She also said that she believes a lot of the reason people lash out at her is that they don’t like change.

“You know, I think a lot of it, honestly, is just people don’t like change,” Banks added. “A lot of it is, you know, being skewed by individuals, and it is what it is, but at the same time, it’s like, the ratings are so huge!”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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