Fans Blast DWTS for ‘Inappropriate’ & ‘Disrespectful’ Showmance

DWTS Showmance

ABC Fans are upset about "Dancing With the Stars" pushing an "inappropriate" showmance.

Some viewers of “Dancing With the Stars” are upset with the show after the second episode of the season aired. During the episode, Emma Slater and her partner, Trevor Donovan, danced the Rumba and were later asked questions about their chemistry.

The partners danced to the Elvis song “Always on My Mind,” and it was a spicy dance that involved a lot of romantic and steamy choreography. Before they hit the dance floor, they spoke in the pre-recorded package about the chemistry needing to be there for the Rumba to hit.

“Almost like people should be watching it but they’re not sure if they should be watching it,” Donovan told Slater in the package, and she agreed with that. He later added that “Emma and I just hit it off from the beginning, so I think that’s gonna help a ton.”

It paid off, as their dance was very steamy and romantic, but some people in the room commented on the chemistry and asked if it bled through to their personal life. After the dance, everyone involved was commenting on the couple’s chemistry with host Tyra Banks telling them to “get a room.” Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli both fanned themselves.

Alfonso Ribeiro Asked if the Chemistry Was Real & Some Fans Didn’t Appreciate That

After the comments from the judges, Slater and Farber headed up to the skybox to talk to Alfonso Ribeiro.

Ribeiro asked if the chemistry was “acting skills” or if it was real, and Slater was shocked by the question.

“If you’re really doing a good job acting, it all comes through, so there’s something real in everything,” Donovan replied.

Later, the pair went live on Instagram and Slater called out Ribeiro for his “awkward” question.

“We love Alfonso, even when he puts us on the spot and asks us awkward questions,” Slater said, laughing.

The dancer later told Us Weekly that she “couldn’t believe” that she was asked that question.

“We really do get on and have great chemistry, which made this dance so much easier,” she told the outlet. “But then when Alfonso asked that question, I was so glad you answered because I was like, ‘I can’t.'”

She added that people expect it to be steamy when they hear it’s a Rumba.

“I know we have this great connection, this great chemistry,” she said. “And so I really fought hard to achieve the environment for us to just be ourselves and be expressive and we brought the steam, which is, which is great. I think it was a dance that really needed it and it felt really good in the moment.”

People took to Reddit to share their thoughts about the situation.

“Didn’t even ease us into that Showmance. C’mon producers! Emma definitely felt uncomfortable with that line of questioning too,” one person wrote.

Many took to the comments to agree.

“Right? I’m a little shocked about how all in they went on the showmance storyline… it was jarring especially considering Sasha is a pro too and they’re not even divorced yet 😱” one person wrote on Reddit.

Another replied, “I’m so happy people are calling out the show for disrespecting Sasha like that,” and they had people reply that the show was also disrespecting Slater.

One person on Twitter called the comments inappropriate.

“emma and sasha just announced their divorce… I feel like it’s inappropriate to ask about chemistry with a partner. idk maybe that’s just me #dwts,” the tweet reads.

Slater & Sasha Farber Split Earlier This Year

In August 2022, multiple sources speaking with E! Online and Us Weekly confirmed that Farber and Slater were no longer together, though they have not yet filed divorce papers.

Slater and Farber have been together since 2011, breaking up for a short period in 2014 before getting engaged in 2016. They have been married since 2018.

“They’ve been apart for many months now,” one source told Us Weekly. “They both have not been wearing their wedding rings and are each leading a single life.”

Both Slater and Farber are professional dancers on season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars,” meaning they’re still spending time together after the split was confirmed.

On September 16, 2022, Slater and Farber were spotted out and about for the first time since their apparent split in photos published by Us Weekly. In the photos, the two, alongside Farber’s “Dancing With the Stars” partner Selma Blair, took a walk.

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