Fans Wonder If ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Couple Has Split Following TV Appearance


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Some fans are speculating about the relationship status of two “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancers after they appeared together on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The two choreographed a Vienesse Waltz for the show, and they spent time together teaching contestants Beau Harmon and Jordan Betscher the choreography. Unfortunately, Jordan was sick and was not able to attend the rehearsals.

She ended up learning the dance with just three hours of practice, and the judges praised the performance. Unfortunately, Jordan was still eliminated at the end of the show.

Slater and Farber have been together since 2011, breaking up for a short period in 2014 before getting engaged in 2016. They have been married since 2018.

Fans Have Speculated About Farber and Slater Previously

Some fans have speculated about whether or not Farber and Slater are still together.

The speculation started in the middle of season 30 of the reality ballroom dance competition. Farber was partnered with Olympic gymnast Suni Lee while Slater was partnered with country singer Jimmie Allen.

Fans have noticed that the couple has not made very many appearances on each others’ social media in the past months, and others have said that Slater has not been wearing her ring.

After Slater posted a birthday tribute to Farber, some of the speculation intensified.

“Why don’t you have the nerve to say you’ve moved on,” one person asked. “You haven’t been seen with his parents since they have visited. One of you is living a lie. Be a big enough person to admit it.”

 Another comment reads, “Where’s your husband these days Emma?”

Neither of the dancers has commented on their relationship status.

The New Appearance Led to New Speculation

The “So You Think You Can Dance” appearance led some fans to speculate about the couple’s relationship status once again.

“I know people hate when this is brought up and bracing myself for the downvotes, but I do really wonder what is going on with them. Sometimes things seem so positive that they have patched things up yet it also looks like they haven’t,” one person wrote on the Reddit thread. “Are they in the process of divorce but on such good terms that they were choreographing this together as a team plus dancing together at that event a few weeks ago?”

They added, “I know she was living in the house, don’t know if she still is. Tour has been over for three months now, I hope that they have been figuring things out what is best for them.”

Another person wrote, “I don’t think living arrangements or working/not working together will even be an indication if they have formally separated. Listening to their podcast with Cheryl was heartbreaking. They seemed in completely different places and I hope they’re each able to find a path forward.”

Others speculated that the couple could still be trying to make things work out, while some other people said they thought it was possible that they have split but have no desire to make it public.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2022. The show will air on Disney+ rather than on ABC in a first for both the show and the network.

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