DWTS Alum Reveals They Are Still ‘Mourning’ Their Marriage

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Erika Jayne, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Dancing With the Stars” alum, revealed that she’s still in “mourning” about her marriage to Tom Girardi.

Jayne opened up to Us Weekly about what it’s like to be estranged from her husband.

“I still am mourning that marriage,” she told the outlet. “I think that gets lost in the sensationalized version of it all. This was someone I was married to for over 20 years and was with, like, 23.”

She added, “It’s difficult. There are real moments of sadness, real moments of – like when the holidays came around, you know, for Christmas, I would just remember how much fun we would have.”

During the season 11 premiere of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Jayne opened up about some of the hard times she has experienced since filing for divorce.

“On the darkest days I was looking for anything to take me out of the pressure,” she shared. “The last thing I wanted to do was work out. I really did enjoy fast food and drank more alcohol than I’ve ever drank in my entire life. But, you know, when you order Taco Bell and you don’t remember it, but the wrappers are in the kitchen, that’s a problem.”

Jayne Won’t Date Anyone Younger Than 25

Jayne, who is 50 years old, shared in an interview with Yahoo Life that she won’t date anyone who is younger than 25 years old.

“I approach sex like a lioness,” she told the outlet. “I mean, I think it’s great. I love sex so I have no problem having sex. I have a cut-off for age. It’s 25 right now. But it’s kind of weird because my son’s going to be 30. So I always thought that I wouldn’t date anything under his age, but now that he’s 30, I’m like, you’re old.”

She added, “Aging is something that’s going to hopefully happen to all of us and, you know, everyone is going to age differently. We need to accept that, embrace that and have fun. It doesn’t mean that you are put out to pasture and you’re of no use or that you’re not sexy.”

Jayne is now dating again, or at least sleeping with someone again, per a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“There’s a secret admirer,” she shared during the season 12 premiere of the show.

“I’m back in the dating pool, but I’m much more interested in having really good sex with nice people,” she said. “And maybe some not-so-nice people.”

Jayne’s Estranged Husband Is in a Legal Battle

Jayne filed for divorce from Tom Girardi in November 2020, and just one month after, it was announced that they were being sued by Edelson PC, according to Page Six.

The lawsuit alleges that the couple embezzled settlement funds “meant for the victims of Lion Air Flight 610, whom Girardi represented,” per Page Six. Jayne has since been dismissed from the fraud suit, though, the outlet reports that she has since been accused of racketeering in a $50 million lawsuit and “aiding and abetting” in a $2.1 million suit.

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2022 in a new home. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of on ABC.

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