Why Some Fans Think Married DWTS Pros Have Called It Quits

Emma and Sasha DWTS

ABC/Getty Emma Slater and Sasha Farber

Some fans of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” professional dancers Emma Slater and Sasha Farber are speculating that the married couple has decided to go their separate ways.

The speculation started in the middle of season 30 of the reality ballroom dance competition. Farber wass partnered with Olympic gymnast Suni Lee while Slater was partnered with country singer Jimmie Allen.

Fans have pointed to the fact that neither Farber nor Slater have posted about one another on Instagram in months, and the fact that they have not been seen together in public.

The latter does not hold much weight during the season, however, as the two are not allowed to live with one another during the season due to strict health and safety protocols for the couples. It’s also possible that that’s the reason they have not been interacting or posting photos of each other on social media.

Fans Noticed The Couple Has Not Posted About One Another

The last time Farber appears in a post Slater’s Instagram, for the record, was on May 9, 2021, when she shared a happy birthday post for her husband. The last time Slater was on Farber’s was in June 2021 when they had a reunion with other “Dancing With the Stars” pros.

In a new Reddit post, which was published on December 2, 2021, fans noted that they did not seem to spend Thanksgiving together and were actually on separate continents as Slater traveled to see her family.

“I was holding out hope because their proposal was so beautiful and sweet but it’s super noticeable now that the show is over and they weren’t together for Thanksgiving,” the post reads.

One person replied, writing, “I think she deserves better IMO. And it’s probably a smart decision since they both have such different views on children. Better for both to move on instead of waiting years for the other person to change their mind.”

“Aww, that makes me sad,” another person wrote. “I really loved them together with their adorable dogs and yes, that proposal was so sweet. I wonder if they ever discussed the future before they got married because I think if my partner really wanted children and I really didn’t, that could be a deal breaker unfortunately.”

Fans Pointed To Farber ‘Shading’ Slater’s Partner

Some fans took to Reddit to point out that Farber was “shading” Slater’s partner on the show, sharing a screenshot of a tweet Farber has now unliked on the platform, which read “Damn they really making [Suni Lee] earn her 10s. Everyone got one now but her it seems. Jimmie [Allen] got one just for standing tonight.”

The post also says that the poster was “fully believing the separation rumors” now.

Another fan replied to the post to say that Farber and Slater were in an Instagram story together, though they weren’t sure what that meant for the rumors about separation.”

In a separate post, fans pointed out that the couple’s “vibes have been off” and they haven’t been wearing their wedding rings or encouraging fans to vote for the other one.

That being said, they are both still actively in the competition and want their fans to vote for themselves, not necessarily their significant other.

The Couple Appeared on Cheryl Burke’s Podcast

Farber and Slater appeared on fellow professional dancer Cheryl Burke’s podcast “Pretty Messed Up” in October 2021.

They talked about having children and what it means for them, and some fans were quick to point out that the exchanges between the husband and wife felt awkward and forced.

On a Reddit thread about their appearance, fans pointed out that there could be “tension” in their marriage without the two of them having broken up, especially because during the podcast both Burke and Slater talked about not wanting children at the moment while Farber seemed to want children as soon as possible.

When asked if they want to have children, Slater said she goes “up and down” on that issue because of her age, but she also does absolutely want children.

“I do get baby fever,” she shared before saying that she knows she can be “selfish” and Farber questions what kind of mother she’ll be.

Burke says that she feels they use their bodies to make money and that it’s hard to get back into dancing as well, so she understands where Slater is coming from.

“I think it all depends on priorities and, I guess, what’s more important … I think family over everything. I think at the end of the day, you have to weigh in what’s more important to you? Work and this or that that can come and go or having babies?” Farber adds in.

He goes on to say that he understands pregnancies can happen later in life but that there are other things to consider.

Most fans say they think he was saying he wanted children now rather than later.

Farber also said that at this point it’s “putting your passion ahead of your kid,” and when Burke points out that they don’t have children yet he said something along the lines of the reason they don’t have kids is because of that.

It Appears The Couple Has Not Split

While appearing on Burke’s podcast, Slater talked about what it was like to work with her husband, and she shared that she was upset with Farber and Suni were in the bottom two during a recent episode of the show.

“You just want the absolute best, so we’ve always worked really well,” she shared. “We’ve always supported each other and Sasha’s really really great about that.”

She also said that since they’re apart because of the rules this season, it’s been hard, but it would be different if they hadn’t been able to spend time together when the season was not going on.

In all likelihood, there will be no definitive answers about the couple’s status unless they come out and tell their fans what is happening in their personal lives. It’s possible they don’t realize that they have not been posting about one another because they’re just going about their lives and not paying attention to that fact in the same way that fans are.

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