Fans Blast ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Lindsay Arnold

Getty Lindsay Arnold

Some fans of Lindsay Arnold and “Dancing With the Stars” are annoyed with the professional dancer after she posted a closet reveal.

Arnold has been teasing the reveal for months, sharing that she and her husband, Sam, were having a whole room in their home renovated to be a walk-in closet, and the room was bigger than some fans had expected it to be.

“ever since we moved into our house I had the idea to expand our master closet into the small nursery room right next to it but wasn’t sure how it would turn out,” Arnold wrote on Instagram alongside the reveal video. “I am SO happy we went for it because this is truly my dream closet! As soon as we started this project I knew I needed to get @reset_your_nest in ASAP to help us organize our closet and I cannot even tell you how incredible they are.”

She added, “The way they can utilize a space and make it both beautiful and functional just blows my mind”

Some Fans Thought the Space Was Excessive

Some fans in the comment section thought the space Arnold had for her closet was excessive, especially after seeing the smaller space she put aside for her husband in the closet.

“What do you do with all those clothes and shoes do you donate them I’m pretty sure you don’t wear all of them I’m pretty sure you don’t wear all of them and you’re always showing us what you get it at Amazon or other places you like to get stuff from,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “To own that much and show it off is reprehensible.”

“Sorry but who really needs that many clothes and accessories,” one comment reads.

One person said they would be “embarrassed” to own that many clothes and shoes.

Plenty of other fans loved the closet, sharing that it’s the closet of their dreams and they love the space that Arnold helped design.

Arnold Says She Sometimes Feels Misunderstood on Social Media

This is not the first time Arnold has faced some backlash for what she’s said on social media.

During a question and answer session where fans asked questions anonymously, one person asked Arnold what she felt was most “misunderstood” about her, and her answer was centered around social media.

Arnold said that she thinks fans sometimes misunderstand her presence on social media.

“I feel like people assume that because I share my life on social media and have this following must mean that I love attention and want this ‘famous’ life as some would say,” she wrote. “But I don’t. That might sound weird but like I love what I do and I’m soo grateful for the opportunities it has brought to my life.”

She continued, “But the driving/motivating force of it all isn’t to be famous and get attention which I think a lot of people assume celebrities or influencers do it for that alone. Maybe some do and there is nothing wrong with that!”

The star went on to explain her motivations.

“But for me I love that I can create a living for my family by doing things I enjoy and showcasing my creativity and business ventures through a really fun outlet,” she concluded.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022.

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