Fans Threaten to Boycott ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2020 Finale

Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

ABC Tyra Banks hosts Dancing With the Stars season 29

Longtime Dancing With the Stars fans are not happy with the show this year. First, they were upset over the firing of hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, then they realized they hate Tyra Banks as the new host who took over in Bergeron and Andrews’ place. Now the fans are up in arms about who made it into the finals and are threatening to boycott the finale because of it.

Fans Are Livid That Nelly Got Into the Finals Over Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir

During the semi-finals, fans were very unhappy that Nelly, the dancer left with the lowest average score with a 22.6, advanced to the finals and Skai Jackson, who averaged 23.6, and Johnny Weir, who averaged 25.1, were eliminated. For the record, Weir also had higher average scores than finalist Justina Machado.

“Next week we should all boycott the show and not watch it just because they kept nelly and eliminated skai. Literally so unfair and [Julianne Hough] was right, it is a popularity contest at this point,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Others chimed in with similar comments. One wrote, “Skai and Alan were inconsistent but they were still more deserving than Nelly for that spot in the finale!” and another added, “JOHNNY SHOULD BE IN THE FINALE! Kaitlyn and Nelly over Johnny and Skai?? Now way,” and a third said, “So Johnny went home… I guess now is where I stop watching #DWTS.”

When one user posted a confused GIF and wrote, “Me trying to figure out how @JohnnyGWeir got eliminated and Nelly made it to the finals,” a fellow fan responded, “Agreed 100%! Nelly should’ve been the one to go. #dwts has become a popularity contest…if you have a following like Nelly, you’re guaranteed to make it even with no skills.”

DWTS Fans Have Also Said They Can’t Watch Because of Tyra Banks

Fans have been up in arms all season over Bergeron and Andrews being fired and replaced with Tyra Banks. One wrote on Twitter in early October, “I predicted this would be a trainwreck after her limited run on AGT that was equally as horrid! I boycott anyway though for horrendous mistreatment of the pro dancers and Tom and Erin.”

Another wrote in late September, “I don’t like Tyra as host either. DWTS won’t listen if you watch. Everyone should stop watching. Ratings decrease=new host. This is my first yr not watching DWTS & won’t watch as long as Tyra is host. Even if you record and watch it increases the ratings.”

A third chimed in with, “I propose we #boycottDWTS until they remove Tyra who is terrible and bring Tom back!”

In case you’re curious, the ratings are down a bit from the last few seasons, down about a million viewers on average.

There was also a vocal contingent who thought they should boycott the show because contestant Carole Baskin, an animal activist and star of Netflix’s Tiger King documentary who is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories about the disappearance of her second husband, Don Lewis.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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