Fans Ask Lindsay Arnold if She’s Having Twins After Recent Post

Lindsay Arnold

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Fans are questioning former “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold after she posted that she wants to make sure her “unborn daughters” know she can still dance. Still, Arnold has clarified that she is not having twins, and the “s” at the end of the word “daughter” was just a typo.

“28 weeks pregnant making sure my unborn daughters knows he mamas still got it,” Arnold wrote in the video where she danced around while showing off her baby bump. As the caption, she wrote, “We have officially entered the 3rd trimester!”

Fans immediately latched on to the plural form of the word daughter.

“Unborn daughters?” one person asked. “meaning 2.”

Another wrote, “Wait, you’re having two??”

Many other comments asked Arnold if she is expecting two daughters and not just one.

Arnold took to her now-expired Instagram Stories to share that she is only having one child, not two.

Lindsay Arnold Was Feeling ‘Lucky’ on Valentine’s Day

In a Valentine’s day post, Arnold shared that she’s feeling like a lucky mother ahead of giving birth to her second child.

“Feeling like one lucky mama with my beautiful Sagey and baby girl on the way,” she wrote in the post, which was accompanied by her and her two-year-old daughter Sage in matching red outfits. “And of course my forever Valentine Sam [heart emoji]. Sending love to all of you today!”

Arnold is confident that Sage will be a great older sister. The professional dancer posted a video on Instagram on February 5, 2023, that showed Sage feeling her baby kick alongside the caption, “My heart. … Sagey is going to be the sweetest big sister. I cannot wait for them to meet.”

“Crying,” one person wrote in the comment section.

Others called the interaction sweet and shared their own stories about their pregnancies.

Arnold announced that she and her husband, Sam Cusick, were expecting their second child in October 2022.

“Baby #2 coming May 2023,” Arnold, 28, wrote in the announcement on Instagram. “We are beyond grateful and feel so blessed to be adding a new addition to our family and Sage cannot wait to be a big sister.”

She is due in May 2023.

“Honestly, it still feels a little bit surreal,” Arnold told E! News on October 24. “It’s just kind of crazy but we are so, so happy.”

Arnold Has Insecurities Because of Social Media

In a TikTok uploaded on February 6, 2023, Arnold opened up about some insecurities that she has developed because of her presence on social media.

In the nearly 3-minute video, Arnold does her makeup while talking about how “frustrated” she has been about her insecurities and how they’ve been fueled by social media.

She captioned the video, “Putting this out there in case you are going through this way. Let’s all be better and nicer to ourselves.”

In the confessional, she shared that the night before, she spent almost an hour “hyper-obsessing” over pictures of herself throughout both of her pregnancies and throughout her life.

“I was just trying to frantically decipher, like, what looks different and what might be why people have been commenting so much lately,” she shared, adding that she gets comments about her appearance every day.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023 on Disney+.

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