Some ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Say Pro Is ‘Overrated’


ABC "Dancing With the Stars" season 30 finalists

Some fans of “Dancing With the Stars” think reigning Mirrorball champion Daniella Karagach is “overrated.”

Karagach rose to new heights in season 30 of the show, when she was partnered with NBA star Iman Shumpert. The two overcame a huge height difference and rose to the top, ultimately winning the competition.

Now, the professional dancer has been nominated for an Emmy Award and has become a fan-favorite professional dancer.

Some Fans Think Karagach is Overhyped

In the replies to a Reddit thread where fans shared their “hot takes,” some said Karagach was an overrated professional dancer.

“Not sure if it’s a hot take anymore but Daniella’s choreography for Iman got repetitive with the tricks,” one person replied. “People get on Sasha (rightfully so) because of him and his repeat tricks for gymnasts but Daniella was doing the same sh** all season.”

Another person simply replied, “Daniella needs PR training.”

Others simply said that she’s not their favorite dancer on the show.

“Also, I think Jenna is an overall better dancer than Daniella,” one person replied to the thread.

Another wrote, “Their differences seem very subtle in my opinion making them hard to compare. Daniella has more plasticity, softness, and grace. Jenna has greater strength and flexibility.”

Some Think Karagach Is Entertaining But Not Technically Proficient

Others in the replies had different takes on Karagach as a dancer.

“This is probably unpopular because she’s untouchable here lol,” a reply reads. “But I don’t think Dani is the best pro. She has the best personal Latin/ballroom technique, but falls short on the other elements that make the most successful/entertaining pros.”

Another wrote, “While Dani’s dances so far have been entertaining, I think that she still is making the dances to showcase herself and completely cover up her celeb, instead of choreographing dances that are easier or make her celeb look good.”

“Hot take: Alan [Bernsten] and Dani are really overrated on this sub,” one person wrote. “Love her personality but Alan’s choreo has been boring since he became a pro (and even on DWTSjr to be honest) and people love to critique Witney and Lindsay on their technique but I don’t think Alan is that much better tbh.”

They added, “As for Dani beautiful dancer and a great attitude but not as good as teaching to technique (I need more seasons to judge) for her to be called one of the greatest pro.”

One person replied to call the person who wrote the reply a “brave soul.”

“Yes agree with everything you said,” another wrote. “I think people on this sup are giving her the title of ‘Greatest Pro’ far too generously. I need to see more from her regarding mentoring and training and I’d definitely like to see her with an older contestant but I feel she will be favored the same as Derek was and be given the same young fit celebs with good fanbases.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022. Derek Hough, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba will all return along with Tyra Banks and new co-host Alfonso Ribeiro.

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