DWTS Fans Slam Tyra Banks For Talking Over Dancers & Judges

Tyra Banks on Disney Villains night

ABC Tyra Banks on Disney Villains night

“Dancing With the Stars” fans didn’t have a lot of complaints about host Tyra Banks‘ outfits during Disney Villains night — but they still had a huge problem with the way she enters the ballroom and the way she talks over the contestants and the judges.

Fans Hate The Way Banks Interrupts The Contestants & Judges

Banks does have a bad habit sometimes of interrupting people when they are talking, usually in an effort to move the show along because it is a live broadcast and they are on a tight schedule. But fans are getting quite annoyed about the way she talks over people.

In particular, fans were not happy about her interrupting Jimmie Allen when he was talking about how his wife had gone into labor with their second child.

One user wrote:

Tyra: Jimmie how do you feel about family?
Jimmie: well I would like to acknowledge the family at DWTS and how…
Tyra: Yes, I’ll interrupt because I didn’t really want your answer. Let’s go to the scores.

“Tyra needs to stop talking over people as they are trying to answer her questions #DWTS,” wrote another fan.

“Why is Tyra always cutting everyone off #DWTS,” wrote a third viewer.

“Tyra, can you not interrupt the contestants? We most definitely would rather hear what they have to say over you, thanks #DWTS,” wrote a fourth fan.

One user was irate, writing, “@ABCNetwork @DancingABC PLEASE TELL TYRA TO STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE! We watch to see the dancers. You are ruining this show for a lot of people!! #DWTS.”

Fans Also Blasted Her Runway Entrance

Disney Week: Heroes Night Opening – Dancing with the StarsWatch the opening of Dancing with the Stars Disney Week: Heroes Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC!2021-10-12T00:44:28Z

While Banks was looking pretty rockin’ in her Disney villains outfits on Tuesday’s (October 12) episode, fans were still mad about the way she struts into the ballroom.

“I really hate that Tyra uses #DWTS as her personal runway,” wrote one viewer.

Another added, “when Tyra Banks thinks Dancing with the Stars is her own personal modeling show #DWTS #redflags.”

“I truly can’t with the catwalk out onto the dance floor by Tyra each week. @ABCNetwork, you want to know why ratings are so bad, she is a big reason. #DWTS,” said another viewer.

“5 mins in, #Tyra struts out and over enunciates e v e r y w o r d and makes sure we all know its HER F*KING SHOW. @DancingABC please give your fans a break with this egomaniac. #DWTS,” wrote one fan.

Though there was one viewer who thought it was not cool for Banks to dress as the same villain as one of the contestants, writing, “This is what pisses me off about Tyra Banks, who I used to legitimately love: she KNEW Kenya Moore (who is struggling) would be dancing as the Evil Queen from Snow White on a double elim night. SO WHAT DID SHE DO? She dressed in a much more elaborate Evil Queen outfit. Evil #DWTS.”

But A Lot of Fans Loved Banks’ Outfits

Disney Week: Villains Night Opening – Dancing with the StarsWatch the opening of Dancing with the Stars Disney Week: Villains Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC!2021-10-13T00:36:38Z

We have to admit, we thought Banks rocked villains night in her Evil Queen get-up especially — and a lot of fans agreed.

“This is the first time this season Tyra’s outfit is giving us a little something,” wrote one fan.

“Ooooh Mz @tyrabanks you look AMAZING!!!! #DWTS #DisneyVillains,” wrote another viewer.

One fan said, “I also love the sparkly purple on Tyra! #DWTS.”

Another fan added, “Tyra’s giving fierce villain tonight yessss #DWTS.”

“This is damn near Tyra’s best outfit this season. And I don’t really pay attention to what she wears #DWTS,” said one viewer.

“Tyra understood the assignment tonight. Fire,” wrote another fan.

“This purple/black witch thing that Tyra is wearing is her best look of the season so far #DWTS,” wrote one fan.

Another added, “Actually loving Tyra’s evil Queen-inspired outfit tonight.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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Loretta Johnson
Loretta Johnson
11 months ago

Tyra is all about SELF, 👀 Looking a Hot MESS, All that Material she wears call wardrobe is A Mess she look like draperies in A window, what is she hiding, Tyra what’s really going on with Those Clothes you wearing don’t look 👀 good…

Sheri Moffat
Sheri Moffat
11 months ago

When this show is cancelled because of poor ratings, there’ll only be one person to blame.

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