‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Blast Season 30 Finale

DWTS Finale

ABC Fans had mixed reactions to the "Dancing With the Stars" season 30 finale.

Season 30 of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” has officially wrapped, crowning celebrity contestant ex-NBA player Iman Shumpert and professional dancer Daniella Karagach as the winners. Some fans were upset with how announcing the winners was handled, however.

At the end of the show, the credits began rolling as host Tyra Banks read the card with the winners on it before reading it out loud and bringing the Mirrorball to the winners. There were no shots of the winners with their trophy, and no real celebration, as the show had run out of time.

Some fans took to Reddit to talk about how much they would have liked to see more celebration.

Fans Felt ‘Robbed’ Of A Moment

After the finale, one fan took to Reddit to express their disappointment with the end of the season.

“The show and producers need to give more time at the end of the finale so that we can see the judges, the pros, the family and friends congratulate the winner, and so the audience at home can also experience the moment,” one thread is titled.

The post continues, adding, “Like the title says, the ending is and has been a MESS (especially with Tyra [Banks] as host.”

They go on to say that they love seeing the moment after the winner is announced and that “Dancing With the Stars” has been “rushing and botching and honestly robbing the winner and us, the viewers, of this moment, and I’m angry and sad.”

“Totally agree, they need to reassess what they are giving time to on this show not just in the finale but also during the season,” one person commented. “Each eliminated contestant needs a proper send-off and in turn the winner needs a proper celebration!”

Some people missed the “one last dance” part of the celebration more than anything.

“Seriously they just announce the winners like it was a complete afterthought and start rolling the credits even before Tyra actually says who won. Like WTF?!?!?! Seriously they need to get their sh** together for next season because this was a complete crap way to end a great season of dancing,” one comment reads.

Some Viewers Thanked The Pros For Posting the Celebration

After the episode ended, some of the “Dancing With the Stars” pros went live on Instagram to share the speeches from the winner as well as the celebration.

“Glad that Gleb [Savchenko] saved his Instagram live of the announcement so we could see everyone celebrate together and Iman even made a speech,” one person posted.

Others said that the show did this on purpose so that people would tune in to “Good Morning America” the following morning when the finalists go on the show and talk about their win.

“They won’t do anything because they want you to watch the next morning for ratings,” one person commented.

After the winner was crowned, Shumpert said that he was dedicating the trophy for his mother as he spoke through emotions.

“Dancing With the Stars” Judge Carrie Ann Inaba wrote, “This speech… I wish you all could have heard Iman speak to the ballroom after his and Daniella’s win. There was much more to it.”

It sounds like fans could have witnessed a touching moment if the show had given the winners more time to celebrate.

“Dancing With the Stars” has yet to be renewed for season 31. If it is, it will likely return in September 2022.

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Brian Behney
Brian Behney
2 days ago

The judges and Tyra need to stop talking with all their bullcrap. Bruno get to the point! Caryann doesn’t pay attention. Derek and Julianne talk about to much. And than Tyra says the stupidest stuff and ask questions and cut people off when they answer! If they would all stick to the point, we would of had time at the closing. The dancers were best ever. Judges need replaced.

3 days ago

We quit watching it when Tyra Banks took over butting was brewing for awhile. We never missed an episode since Shawn Johnson’s first appearance except during years we sailing out of the country, but when Bristol Palin made it to the end with zero talent we were a little taken aback and then when they began having contestants that had been professional dancers already or had taken dance lessons since they were children the blush was off the rose for us. We watched half of Tyra’s first episode and decided we were no longer interested. Sad

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