DWTS Finalist Laments ‘Dad Bod’ In Hilarious Twitter Thread


“Dancing With the Stars” finalist Frankie Muniz is going viral on Twitter for poking fun at his “dad bod” and saying that he “really let [him]self go” — and the thread took on a life of its own to the point where someone wrote him a fake screenplay. Read on for all the hilarious details.

Frankie Muniz is Lamenting How He’s No Longer ‘Agent Cody Banks,’ Now He’s ‘Aging Cody Banks’

Frankie Muniz is an alum of “Dancing With the Stars” season 25 where he finished in third place with partner Witney Carson; he also hosted the “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” spinoff.

But long before that, he was saving the world in “Agent Cody Banks” and “Agent Cody Banks 2,” a pair of movies from 2003 and 2004 starring Muniz as the titular teenage CIA special agent who saves the world (of course).

Now in a viral Twitter thread, Muniz lamented how “Agent Cody Banks” has become “Aging Cody Banks.”

Muniz tweeted:

Yo… Agent Cody Banks was a badass. And I was Cody Banks. That’s badass. I wonder if 36-year-old Cody Banks is sitting in bed eating Fritos while shaking his gut, thinking “I really let myself go” like I’m doing right now. What do you do after you saved the world twice at 16?

Imagine, you’re in trouble and hoping someone will save you. Will it be Batman, James Bond, Captain America? No. It’s dad bod Agent Cody Banks that pulled a muscle putting on his shoes.

Muniz then cracks that the 36-year-old Cody Banks would star in “Aging Cody Banks.”

Muniz’s Followers Are Losing It… and One Wrote An ‘Aging Cody Banks’ Screenplay

One follower, Eric Nathan from Barstool Sports, tweeted, “You should get high and tweet more often,” to which Muniz replied, “Scary thing is I’ve never been high. Imagine the pure genius I’d tweet if I ever did. I’d be Twitter God.”

This of course spawned a whole other Twitter thread where people are volunteering to get Muniz high.

But the replies to the original Twitter thread are priceless.

“‘Cody Banks Talks to His Middle,'” wrote one fan, in reference to the sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” which Muniz starred on from 2000 to 2006.

Another added, “I love this and TBH I think you just successfully pitched a revival if someone at MGM is paying attention.”

“I’m kinda glad the world’s best kid spy can finally relax. No 16-year-old should have that kind of burden and stress. Enjoy your well deserved Fritos,” https://twitter.com/Yxlist/status/1495762558082588683
a third fan.

One exchange was particularly hilarious, with one fan tweeting, “You team up with the ‘Home Alone’ kid and go up against the ‘Spy Kids. IDK who the villain/s are,” to which someone replied, “The stage parents. The stage parents are always the villain” and another person replied, “Time. I feel like Time is the villain in all of this.”

Then rather amazingly, one follower wrote a fake screenplay for “Aging Cody Banks” and tweeted it at Muniz, who retweeted it, writing, “This is gold.”

In the replies, the writer said, “Say the word and I’ll write a full script. You’d team up with the actor playing ‘movie you’ to actually save the world.”

Maybe it’ll get Frankie Muniz out of retirement from acting. He currently owns and runs a shop called Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife Paige Price. They welcomed their son Mauz in March 2021.

Muniz also recently got back into racecar driving. He has done a number of celebrity races over the years and even a few professional races, according to his official website, Muniz Racing. Then in January 2022, he announced that he might actually be pursuing NASCAR full time.

He drove in the ARCA Menards Series test at the Daytona International Speedway in January 22 and is aiming to start racing in 2022; his sponsor dropped out at the last minute, Muniz wrote in an Instagram post on January 15.

“I have no idea what I may or may not be racing this season, but just know I’m more dedicated than ever to make this happen,” wrote the former “Malcolm in the Middle” star.

Muniz also recently had a family reunion with his “Dancing With the Stars” partner. He and Witney Carson got together with their spouses and children for a night out on the town — Witney posted a video in her Instagram stories.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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