Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Reveals They’re Still Suffering From Show Injuries

Dancing With the Stars

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Hannah Brown, a former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball champion, recently opened up about having to take months off from working out following her time on the reality show.

Brown was the winner of season 28 of Dancing With the Stars. Her win was followed by that of another Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, who came away with the win in 2020.

During a recent Instagram Live, Brown talked about how she hadn’t been able to work out during the past six months because of lasting injuries from her time on Dancing With the Stars. 

Brown Revealed She Had Lasting Injuries From ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Brown says she used to use working out as a way to deal with stress but hasn’t able to do as much of that lately due to lasting injuries.

“I’m going on a little walk,” Brown started. “I feel like I’ve been not as open about my life with you guys, so I’m gonna try to share more. I think this political climate and with COVID has been hard for all of us and me too. Usually, when I’m struggling, dealing with my mental health, I can go to working out. Well, for the past five months, maybe almost six, I haven’t been able to work out like I used to.”

She added, “It really brought me down because I didn’t know another way. I’m either zero [or] 100. All in, [or] nothing. And I definitely let it get me down.”

Brown Shared That She’s Getting Motivation Back

During the Instagram live, Brown talked about how she’s been dealing with not working out and how she’s been able to get some of her motivation back.

“I want to share it with you guys because I think a lot of us can relate to going a long time without working out, and sometimes it feels impossible to start again,” she said. “We’re all coming from different sizes, different abilities, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I can understand somebody who is out of shape. I am right there with you.”

She also said she has gone to physical therapy in order to help heal from some injuries.

“I’m still going to the doctor and trying to figure it out but I think a lot of my body hurting comes from some issues that started on Dancing With the Stars and I just kept going from zero to 100 – I’m either all or nothing – and pushed it too much to where I now have, like, some issues that I am having to deal with physical therapy,” she shared. “So I’ve been doing that mostly and then going on some walks and bike rides, but honestly, that’s it.”

She also said she’s sure plenty of her followers on Instagram will be able to relate to her struggle, which is why she was being honest about everything going on.

“I’m just trying to be more honest about where I’m at,” she shared. “I just want to feel good and I haven’t felt good because I haven’t been able to work out the way that I feel like my body needs. So instead of being zero or 100, I’m going to learn to show up where I can be right now, whether that’s 50 percent, 60 percent, 35 percent my best. You’ve got to start somewhere.”

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