‘Dancing With the Stars’ Viewers Blast Show Ahead of Special Performances


ABC/Eric McCandless "Dancing With the Stars"

Some fans of “Dancing With the Stars” are upset about some of the upcoming special performances for season 31 of the show.

Hayley Erbert, a professional dancer who is the fiance of six-time Mirrorball champion and “Dancing With the Stars” judge Derek Hough, showed off a calendar on her Instagram Stories that showed she would be performing on the show two times with Hough.

Afterward, fans took to Reddit to express their discontent with the decision and lament the fact that professional dancers on “Dancing With the Stars” don’t always get the opportunity to showcase their work the same way Hough and Erbert do on the show.

The two appear to be dancing together on “Buble night” as well as a night a couple of weeks before the finale.

Fans Want Hough to Dance With Current ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pros

In the Reddit thread, fans said they think the show should spotlight current professional dancers who work on the show rather than Hough and Erbert.

“I know some people might not see a 3 minute dance as a big deal but I know what it’s like for dancers fighting for just that one minute of their creativity to be shown to millions,” one person wrote on Reddit. “I think they should let someone else now this year get the recognition.”

Many said they felt the same way.

“I totally agree with you, give the actual pros on the show a shot,” one person replied. “Or at least have Derek dance with a current pro. Or feature someone new for once!”

Another wrote, “I don’t mind seeing them but I would also like to see the other pros get spotlighted as well. I’m hopeful they’ll start to, since they’ve promised more dancing now that there are no commercials. I personally want a Daniella & Pasha dance.”

Some think Hough only dances on the show because he routinely receives Emmy nominations after doing so. Hough has received 12 awards and nominations, with all but two coming from dancing on “Dancing With the Stars.” All three of his winning routines were performed on the show.

“I think their dances are well done but they always seem the same to me,” a comment reads. “Also it’s just a way for Derek to farm Emmy nominations for himself. Would like for the dancers actually on the show to have a chance to be highlighted.”

Another person wrote, “They’ll feature someone whose not even on the show before they give minorities a chance to be the lead in a big production number!”

Some Fans Love Seeing Hough’s Choreography

Some fans defended the decision to let Hough and Erbert perform multiple times.

“Hm I do enjoy the numbers themselves because I like seeing Derek’s creativity, and this doesn’t take away from any of the pros rehearsing with their stars for the week,” one person wrote. “It would be cool to see him do a number with a pro who’s been eliminated but is still around in a troupe format.. to show some love for the pros even when their stars go early.”

Some people went as far as to say they don’t want Hough to judge on the show.

“I love Derek but you’re right. Derek can dance but leave Hayley at home,” one comment reads.

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