Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Recalls Thinking Her Daughter Was Kidnapped


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Former Dancing With the Stars contestant Jana Kramer took to Instagram to talk about a terrifying incident that took place at a park with her children when she believed one of her daughters may have been kidnapped.

The mother of two talked about going to the park with her husband, Mark Caussin, and their children, Jolie and Jace, when they experienced “the absolute scariest thing.”

She took the time to detail what exactly had happened to them, reminding people to watch their children every minute because something like this can happen in the blink of an eye.

Kramer’s Child Wandered Off at the Park

Kramer shared a photo of her and her daughter, detailing the incident in the caption.

“Had the absolute scariest thing happen today at the park,” she wrote. “We took the kids cause it was a nice day and we needed to get out and took them to a park we know and love. We were going down the slides, swinging and having a great time. Jolie met a sweet little girl and they started running around.”

She continued, “I watch my kids like hawks but Jolie was running around in the play house so it was hard at times to see her. And then I went down the slide with Jace again and I saw Jolie running around again with her sweet friend.”

She said that she and her husband both went down the slide with Jace.

“But then the next minute a lady walked up to me and said ‘your daughter just got into a white SUV,'” the mother-of-two wrote. “My heart went straight to my gut and I said WHAT?!!!”

She said that she raced to the parking lot and found her daughter walking around the car with her friend, and the car was her friend’s mother’s SUV.

Kramer Reminded Parents to ‘Stay Present’

In the post, Kramer took the time to remind parents of the importance of being vigilant.

“It was an eye-opening experience especially for someone like me who is super present,” she wrote. “Literally in the blink of a second… that’s how fast a kid could be taken. Thank God that’s not what happened here and the little girl Jolie was with just wanted to see her mom but it’s a reminder for all of us to stay present, be aware because they might not end up like today and be watchful like the amazing mom that came up to me.”

She continued, “I also want to add I never had the talk with Jolie. I think I expected her to know she can’t leave mommy or daddy and plus I was always watching. I’m grateful we had the talk today.”

After she posted, followers commented to show their support for the mother and say they’re happy that nothing worse happened. Many commenters said they were happy for the reminder and would be having the “stranger danger” talk with their children because of the post.

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