DWTS Alum Doing ‘Hard Work’ to Heal Following Divorce, Breakup

Jana Kramer Mike Caussin

Getty Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer, country music singer and “Dancing With the Stars” alum, divorced her now-ex-husband Mike Caussin, in 2021. The star then dated Ian Schinelli, and they split in early 2022.

Kramer, 38,  has opened up about how she’s feeling post-split with Schinelli. The star went on a retreat without her phone as part of the healing process.

“‘When the stronger parts of us care for the broken parts of us, redemption starts to happen,'” Kramer wrote. “Spent the last 4.5 days without a phone doing some really hard work. Through the hard work, I was able to experience some incredible healing. I will share more on the journey in hopes to shed light and hope for others. But for now…I’m holding sacred space for me and all the things I learned so I can let it sink in and the new ways of loving myself.”

She concluded, “‘It’s not about the rip….it’s about the repair’…”

Kramer Shared That the ‘Hard Work’ Is Paying Off

Kramer also shared a photo from a workout and a caption about working on herself.

“When the hard work is paying off, be proud of yourself,” she wrote. “We pick ourselves apart so much and constantly compare, or say well yea but I don’t like this part. Be proud of where you are at today. We all have our days when we feel off but nothing is overnight.”

She added, “Don’t compare yourself to other peoples photos. Be proud of the work YOU are doing. Also today sucked being hungover and doing this 😂. Hair of the dog later 😂”

Kramer completed a half-marathon on April 23, 2022 days after posting about the one-year anniversary of her divorce. She posted about it first on Instagram alongside a photo with her children.

“I did it!!! 13.1 miles. Lots of emotions after that one,” she wrote. “Will write more later because honestly, I can’t even move my fingers.”

In a separate post, Kramer shared more about her run.

“Mile 3 I had a full blown ‘I want to quit anxiety attack I can’t do this’ talk to myself,” she wrote. “I was letting my mind get the best of me…all the self doubt and things that were weighing me down was winning but I promised myself I would finish. I worked hard for it. I didn’t get the time I wanted but I worked really hard to get to the finish line.”

Kramer Is ‘Emotionally Exhausted’

Over one year after the split, Kramer revealed that she still feels “emotionally exhausted” after her split from Schinelli. She spoke about the divorce and split during an episode of “It Sure Is a Beautiful Day” podcast to host Catt Sadler.

“When I truly love myself, I will never settle for things ever again,” she shared. “I give a lot of grace for people, and I understand people make mistakes. But there’s certain boundaries that I’ve just done such a bad job of sticking to.”

She also said that she knows that she’ll recover from the split.

“I think of it in a way where [if] my divorce didn’t kill me, then nothing is going to kill me,” she said at the time. “That was one of the hardest things I ever had to walk through that was excruciating and incredibly painful. I don’t wish it upon anyone, but having said that, it has also been the most beautiful rebirth and I’m so happy that I did go through that because now I can really be mindful of what I want.”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2022 in a new home. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of on ABC.

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