DWTS Alum Details Heated Fight With Pro Partner

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ABC "Dancing With the Stars" season 23 cast.

Celebrities who compete on the ballroom dance competition “Dancing With the Stars” usually report having a good time, but that doesn’t mean they always have a great time with their partners every day.

For Jana Kramer, who was partnered with professional dancer Gleb Savchenko, there were days when the two had arguments.

Kramer said she had an overall good time on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I had an amazing experience,” she shared. “I was so, like, mentally not there. There was everything going on in my life, and then also… that show brings out your feelings of not good enough and, like, you suck.”

She added, “At the end of the day, honestly, I wish I could just go back and have more fun.”

Kramer Says Savchenko Called Her a ‘B****’

Kramer said that because of the pressure placed on both the contestants and the professional dancers, she and Savchenko had a huge fight.

“Well, I will tell you, Gleb and I actually got into a huge fight where I was like, that’s it, I’m done because he was always late,” she said, adding that she was extra cognizant of time spent because her daughter was 6 months old and left with a nanny when she was dancing.

She added, “I finally got really annoyed, and I said something, and he was just like, ‘why do you have to be such a b word?’ I was like, ‘I’m done.’ And then, you know, the cameras come out, but I wasn’t going to give the camera anything.”

She said that the cameras would edit it into something more than it really was, so she didn’t want to give them anything.

“But then now, we’re great,” Kramer said of their friendship.

This is not the first time the two have talked about the fight they had during their time on the show.

In June 2021, Savchenko spoke out about the fight the two had, including the fact that he called her a “f***ing b****.”

“You used to be so late and it drove me crazy because I’m like, ‘Respect my time.’ I have my kid, I’m separated from my husband, I was stressed,” Kramer told Savchenko on an episode of her podcast “Whine Down.”

Savchenko said he was late to rehearsal because he’d been fighting with the wardrobe department over Kramer’s outfit for the upcoming episode, as he wanted her to wear something else but no one was listening to him.

“She snapped. She said something really annoying and I was like, ‘You’re a f****** b****.’ … And everybody kind of went, ‘Oh, s***,'” Savchenko recalled.

There Have Been Rumors of an Affair

There were rumors of an affair between Savchenko and Kramer, which Savchenko has denied as “absolutely not” true, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The accusations came when Ian Schinelli, who dated Kramer, said that Kramer had “slept with two guys while [her now ex-husband] was in rehab. She slept with Gleb. She justified it saying, ‘We were legally separated.'”

Us Weekly reported they had confirmed the rumor by “multiple sources.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022.

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