DWTS Champ Jennifer Grey Opens Up About Her ‘Double Life’

Getty Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough

Long before she was starring in “Dirty Dancing” or winning the Mirrorball Trophy on “Dancing With the Stars” with pro-turned-judge Derek Hough, actress Jennifer Grey was leading a wild double life, she revealed in a pair of new interviews tied to her memoir, “Out of the Corner,” which comes out in May 2022.

Grey Said She Was Going to High School & Spending Her Nights at Studio 54

Grey, the daughter of actors Joel Grey and Jo Wilder, grew up in the heart of New York City, attending high school at the private, prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan. Its other famous alums include actors Claire Danes, Mary Stuart Masterson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Christian Slater, journalist Anderson Cooper, and musician Sean Lennon.

In an interview with People about her upcoming memoir, Grey revealed that as a teenager in the mid-1970s, she was bouncing back and forth between high school and the partying scene at New York City’s famed night club Studio 54, though as she says in her book, nobody actually called it “Studio 54.”

“No one cool ever called it that. It was either Studio or 54,” writes Grey in her book (via the New York Times).

“Yes, there was lots of drugs and drinking. All the time. I had a boyfriend, we were out at clubs at night. I would change at his house and go to school. I was living a double life,” said Grey.

She said that she was just “trying to get through the high school years” so that she could date older men.

“[At the time], I am not dating guys my age. I am not interested… I never dated a teenager in my life. I don’t think I ever even kissed a teenager,” said Grey.

She also admitted there “was a lot of pressure” on her to not be “anything but perfect,” which meant she had to “hide this whole other experience” that she was having at the time.

“There was a perfectionism and expected perfectionism. The standards were high. Everyone around me was very successful. That was a lot of pressure,” said Grey.

In the New York Times interview, Grey said that the memoir cropped up out of her “ragtag, mismatched” collection of journals that she started writing when she was just 14.

“I started to look at high points and low points and the way I’ve adapted to dramatic shifts. I wrote every single word of this book myself, which I know is unusual,” said Grey.

She Also Spent Time At Artist Andy Warhol’s Houses

Grey said that high was “frigging impossible” for her because compared to the other life she was living at night, “it was so boring.”

“I was hanging out at [Andy Warhol’s] The Factory during the day and 54 at night. I was very much in the… in the gang, going out to Andy’s house in Montauk where the Stones had just left. We would go hear Dolly Parton sing at Windows on the World, right? And, um, it was when she was doing something with, um, um, um, Mick Jagger, or something. There was something with… There was something with Dolly and Mick. I can’t remember. I remember it being Windows on the World and Dolly was performing,” said Grey.

She also admitted she looked herself up in the index in Warhol’s book, “The Andy Warhol Diaries,” and was humiliated to see that she was only mentioned once and it was in reference to Warhol wondering why she hadn’t ever had a nose job done like her father did.

“Out of the Corner” goes on sale on May 3, 2022. In the book, she also writes extensively about her experience filming “Dirty Dancing” and her famously tumultuous relationship with co-star Patrick Swayze, whom she apologizes to in the book. Swayze died from pancreatic cancer in 2009 at the age of 57.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for season 31 in the fall of 2022 on Disney+.

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