What JLo Has to Do With the Latest Tyra Banks Hate

Tyra Banks

Getty Tyra Banks in 2018

Tyra Banks has been a hot topic lately. Most recently, she’s made headlines after recreating singer Jennifer Lopez’s sultry green Versace dress from 2000 and showcasing it on an episode of DWTS.

According to Indy 100, the so-called “problem” is that a number of fans and viewers did not “perceive it as a good representation of the original dress.” In fact, one Twitter user went as far as saying that the dress was a “nightmare version of JLo.”

Lopez’s iconic green dress is just that — iconic. In fact, the outlet reported that it even had its own Wikipedia page at one point in time.

According to a 2020 Biography article, Lopez was quoted as saying of the dress, “I really didn’t think about it. I didn’t think it was all that risque, to be honest. … I was more excited that it was the Grammys. I wasn’t even thinking about the dress that much. I was just glad I had something to wear.”

In an exciting turn of events for Lopez, the dress was an absolute hit. In fact, according to Biography, it is now simply called ‘The Dress.’

Lopez shared with Vogue, “In terms of my career, this dress really marked a moment in time. If you don’t know my music and you don’t know my movies, people know about that moment and that dress — that was it.”

Jennifer Lopez And David Duchovny Present Best R&B Album At The 42nd GRAMMY AwardsWearing her now-famous plunging green dress, Jennifer Lopez presents Best R&B Album with actor David Duchovny at the 42nd GRAMMY Awards in 2000. About the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future. Connect with the…2019-09-21T00:58:14Z

People reported that Banks’ jungle print outfit was made from Versace chiffon scarfs. They note, however, that while the dress was a similar color to Lopez’s and had a showcasing neckline, the neckline wasn’t anywhere early as plunging as Lopez’s was.

Banks did acknowledge that the dress was inspired by Lopez’s outfit 20 years ago. On Instagram, she uploaded a story of the dress and commented, “My JLo inspired dress is made from Versace scarves!”

And this isn’t the first time the dress has been recreated. As People reported, actress Lisa Rinna wore a similar outfit to the Casamigos Halloween party in Beverly Hills last year.

Fans Lash Out at Banks

In recent weeks, fans have lashed out at Banks for her DWTS fashion choices.

Earlier this season, Banks wore a large yellow dress, and fans on Twitter mocked her, saying she looked like Big Bird.

Last week, another Twitter user wrote, “oh please Tyra Banks! Stop with all the outfits! You look ridiculous! Oh please bring back Tom & Erin!”

A third commented, “I’m glad whoever is styling @tyrabanks on DWTS is choosing God awful outfits,” and they said that “she deserves all that.”

More Twitter users have since echoed those sentiments, with one writing, “@DancingABC why do we have to be subjected to awful Tyra Banks? Is it necessary to see her strut out like she’s on the catwalk? This is a dance show! She can’t even do a decent interview. And those god awful outfits. Get rid of her!”

In late October, Banks called out the rumors and said she knows who may be starting them (she refused to name the person).

“I don’t know what’s happening,” she said. “I don’t even understand. You know what, there are some people out there who are just trying to stir stuff up.”

Will more rumors surface as the show draws to a close? Only time will tell. Tune in to the semifinals of DWTS tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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