DWTS’ JoJo Siwa Suffers Scary Injury

Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa on 'Dancing With the Stars'

ABC Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa on "Dancing With the Stars."

Some scary news out of “Dancing With the Stars” this week — JoJo Siwa suffered an injury during the Monday, November 8, episode. She said she felt something snap in her neck and everything went numb. Read on for details and how she’s doing now.

JoJo Said She Could Barely See

JoJo and Jenna’s first dance of the night on November 8 was a salsa to Janet Jackson’s song “Feedback,” for which they received nearly a perfect score (39 out of 40). So, you would never know that halfway through the dance, JoJo felt something snap in her neck and could barely feel or see anything for a minute.

“All of a sudden we got like halfway through and I got the worst feeling in my neck. I cracked, popped, snapped something — couldn’t feel anything from my hip to my head … I couldn’t see. Like I literally couldn’t do anything ’til I got up to pick [Jenna] up for the next lift and I was like, ‘Get it together!'” JoJo told “Entertainment Tonight” in a post-show interview.

She said she just had to grit her teeth and bear it — “I was like, this is not ruining this moment!” JoJo recalled.

But as for how she’s doing now, it looks like everything is fine. In an Instagram story, JoJo and Jenna were giggling and playing around with Christmas stockings while sipping holiday beverages and singing “White Christmas.” So, hopefully, she’ll be good to go on Monday, November 15 for the semi-finals.

When “Entertainment Tonight” asked if she gets nervous at all, JoJo said that once she’s out on stage, she doesn’t get nervous because if she’s nervous, she forgets to have fun.

“I’ve learned that if I’m nervous before it I’m going to be really sad because I’m gonna miss out on the fun of it,” said JoJo, adding, “I feel like my nerves come in rehearsals, actually. I have a few days in rehearsals were I’m like, ‘Ahhh, Jenna, calm me down!'”

But Jenna chimed in to say that during their salsa, there was “a little bit of nervous” because they were doing things they’d never done before.

Indeed, JoJo said of the dance in an Instagram post that it was “next level” difficulty for her.

“@jennajohnson you are a legend and you continue to outdo yourself every week. This choreography was NEXT LEVEL!! These LIFTS!!! This dance was a push, and it was HARRRDDD for me. We worked, we cried, we bled, we did a bit of it all this week, and it was WORTH it. So happy. WE’RE GOING TO THE SEMI-FINALS!!!!!” wrote JoJo.

JoJo & Jenna Say the Double Elimination Was ‘Brutal’

JoJo admitted to “Entertainment Tonight” that she was “pumped” because they “murdered” their dances. But she had to admit that the elimination really hurt.

“[E]limination came and we had to say goodbye to Jimmie and Emma and Olivia and Val … saying goodbye to them tonight was brutal,” said JoJo.

Jenna, who is married to fellow “Dancing With the Stars” pro Val Chmerkovskiy, added, “It sucks. I’m devastated for them because I know the hard work they put into the season and I honestly thought that they were for sure going straight to the finals … I know how much Val loved the season. It was the first time that he got to dance-dance in a while and I think Olivia was the perfect partner for him, so mixed emotions.”

Val shared similar sentiments in early November on his partner Olivia Jade’s podcast, saying that she was such a pleasant surprise to him as a partner.

“You definitely are the biggest surprise for me. You definitely exceeded my expectations for sure, out of everybody [I’ve partnered with]. … This season is very competitive, so it just means more. The harder the journey, the more it means to you and this one means a lot to me,” said Val.

He also said that this may be his final season on the show because it’s such a good one to go out on.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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