Why Julianne Hough is ‘Taking a Break’ From Dating

Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough, Dancing With the Stars pro, judge and champion, is taking a break from dating following her divorce from Brooks Laich, according to Entertainment Tonight.

A source told the outlet that Hough was not dating following her split from her estranged husband.

“She’s taking a break from dating at the moment,” the source reportedly told ET. “She’s not interested in anyone. Her and Brooks [Laich] aren’t in contact.”

It’s likely Hough is taking time to focus on herself and try new things, judging from her Instagram feed.

The source also added that Hough felt “like she hasn’t had a chance to live her life to the fullest” and was working on taking “even more time to discover herself.”

Hough is Taking a Break From Relationships

Hough has been taking a break from relationships, but she’s also spent time with her girl friends leading up to and into the new year. She and her friends traveled to a snowboarding and ski resort for New Year’s Eve.

“A little girl time does the body good,” Hough wrote alongside pictures of her and her friends on the slopes.

She also seems to be focusing on sharing fitness with her Instagram followers, as she launched an experience calle dKINRGY FitOn where she offers Pilates workouts with trainer Cassey Hough.

Hough and Laich Tried to Reconcile Before Splitting for Good

Back in November 2020, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Laich and Hough did try to work out their differences but decided to call it quits despite the efforts.

“Julianne and Brooks gave it their all and finally came to the realization that they aren’t meant to be together,” the source told ET. “The extra time they spent together after their separation was needed and they are both in a good place.”

Now, the source tells ET that, “Brooks is sad but he is also relieved and ready for his next step in life. He tried his hardest and can move forward without regrets. It has been difficult for both of them to take the step and file for divorce. Ultimately, Julianne knew it was time.”

Hough was recently blasted by one of her ex-boyfriends. On an episode of his podcast Talk to ChuckChuck Wicks opened up to guest Carly Pearce about his breakup with Julianne Hough years ago. The couple competed on Dancing With the Stars together over a decade ago in 2009.

The couple, at the time of their breakup, seemed to be amicable and said that it had been a mutual decision. Now, Wicks has talked about how that wasn’t actually the case.

During the podcast, Wicks talked about how people believed the couple had met on Dancing With the Stars and said it wasn’t true. Instead, the couple actually met on tour with Brad Paisley.

“You go out there, we’re both loving life, we’re on a high because we’re both, our careers were going great,” Wicks said. “You know, we bought a house together, did all these things and then out of nowhere, you find out that they’re not the person you thought they were and you break up. And then I had to… everybody wants to know why.”

He continued, “And, you know, I found myself doing a CMA red carpet and we made a pact together to basically lie, to say, no, we just wanted to part ways, everything’s fine. It wasn’t fine. S*** hit the fan.”

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