DWTS Pro Koko Iwasaki Shares Emotional Life Update

Koko Iwasaki


“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Koko Iwasaki shared an update with her fans on her Instagram Stories on March 23, 2023. In the update, Iwasaki details dealing with anxiety and thanks the people close to her who she was able to lean on in hard times.

“About 3 weeks ago I was going through one of those phases of just full on anxiety and spiraling,” she wrote. “and a lot had to do with wanting to be consistent in a lot of aspects in my life and the search for expansion in my dancing and finding the joy and inspiration again with nothing to prove. And after lots of chats, tears & wine with my people, I finally just got my a** up and started doing things.”

She added that she started working out and dancing more, which helped her get out of the way she was feeling.

“I’m proud of myself for getting my engine back running, but I also couldn’t have done it alone,” Iwasaki wrote. “And I honestly forgot the purpose of why I was writing this BUT-if you’re having one of those moments in life, know that you’re not alone and that it’s temporary.”

She added that she’s rooting for her fans and concluded, “there’s no pressure or rush to do anything you’re meant to do :) and whatever you do, do it because you CAN.”

Iwasaki Got Engaged in 2022

Iwasaki announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Kiki Nyemcheck on November 27, 2022, and now she provided her followers an update about how her wedding planning is going.

“A picture I sent of me beginning to sob thinking about walking down the aisle to marry Kiki,” she wrote in the now-expired post on her Instagram Stories, which was accompanied by a photo of her crying while giving the camera a thumbs-up. “Full. on. Sob. She’s crazyyyyyyyyyyy. With emotional music obviously.”

When she announced the engagement, Iwasaki shared that it was easy to say yes to marrying her boyfriend.

“11/26/2022 – Easy ask, easy yes,” Iwasaki wrote on Instagram alongside a series of photos of the couple, the first with Nyemcheck down on one knee, the next with the couple embracing, and the third showing off the engagement ring.

In a separate Instagram Stories post, Nyemchek shared a photo of the couple kissing while holding the leashes of their dogs.

Iwasaki & Nyemcheck Have Been Together Since 2018

Iwasaki and Nyemcheck on the set of “So You Think You Can Dance” season 14, where Iwasaki was the runner-up and Nyemcheck came in fourth place. The dancers publicly announced their relationship in 2018.

Iwasaki shared that 2022 was her favorite year when reflecting on everything that had happened.

“2022. WHAT A YEAR,” she wrote. “I’ve never felt this much love in my heart before and I’ve also never experienced a low that couldn’t get me out of bed. With that and everything in between, it’s been my favorite year that I’ve lived. 2023 has big shoes to fill. Happy New Years everyone! Let’s continue to grow.”

The couple went Instagram official on April 2018 when Iwasaki posted a photo of the couple together romantically for the first time.

“I wanted to wait for a special time to post this picture or even post a picture of us in general, but then I thought about how silly that is, especially cause every day with you is so special,” she wrote at the time. “My love.. We screeeaaam of laughter together. We order 6 meals minimum at any restaurant and eat ALL of it. You bring out my biggest, most cheesiest smile and you adore me on my absolute worst days. Living life with you is pure bliss & I thank you for YOU every single day.”

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023.

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