DWTS Alum Hits 2 Parked Cars in Early Morning Hours

Car crash.

Heavy/Getty A DWTS alum was involved in a car accident.

A “Dancing With the Stars” alum was driving his Mercedes Benz around 3 a.m. Pacific time when he hit two parked cars, according to TMZ.

Odom, who competed on season 28 of the dance competition show, was said to be heading home from a friend’s house when he says that he dropped his phone inside the vehicle. While trying to retrieve it, he lost control of his car and slammed into two parked cars on the side of the road, per TMZ.

Odom’s rep told People magazine that the former NBA star was not injured in the crash and that no one was in the parked cars at the time of the accident. The passenger side front end of Odom’s car was severely damaged.

According to an update posted on TMZ’s Instagram page, Odom shared a message to thank people for reaching out to check in on him. “Thank you for everyone that has reached out and checked in on me!! Appreciate the love,” the message read.

Heavy has reached out to Odom’s rep for additional comment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lamar Odom Was ‘Shaken Up’ in the Crash

While Odom was able to walk away from the accident without any major injuries, his rep told People magazine that he was “shaken up” after the airbags deployed. As some people know, airbag deployment is very loud and they often have a harsh chemical, almost burning-like smell.

“The primary function of airbags and seat belt pretensioners is the reduction of injuries and fatalities associated with automotive collisions,” reads an excerpt from the National Library of Medicine.

Although airbags deploy very quickly, they often make a very loud noise that can cause tinnitus or even “noise-induced hearing loss.”

Another reason that Odom may have been “shaken up” is due to the nature of the accident in general.

“Small explosives are used to deploy your airbags quickly. They may leave a smoky smell in the air but that doesn’t mean that your car is on fire. If you’re in an accident, the first few seconds and minutes can be disorienting,” the website for Dalton Collision reads.

Lamar Odom Was Not Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol, His Rep Says

When officers arrived on the scene of the accident, Odom’s sobriety was questioned. His rep said that he was not drinking at the time of the crash and that “he hasn’t been using any drugs.”

In April 2023, Odom announced that he was opening some recovery centers to help people in need of rehab. Odom Wellness Treatment Centers have been a focus for Odom, who is dedicated to providing help and support to people who need it.

At the time, Odom’s rep told Heavy that there were “three residential recovery homes operating and servicing the city of San Diego County” and that “the homes are currently in the process of being remodeled and updated.”

Odom’s decision to embark on this new venture comes eight years after he was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada. In October 2015, TMZ reported that Odom was “fighting for his life.” He survived that ordeal and has decided to use his new lease on life to help others.

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David Pike
David Pike
9 days ago

Was he given a sobriety test? Did he blow?