DWTS Semi-Finalist Shares New Photos of Twin Babies & Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

Baby crib

Pixabay A former DWTS finalist shared a hilarious photo of his twins.

The twins have made one of their first big decisions.

Lance Bass shared some new snaps of his 9-month-old twin babies wearing Backstreet Boys onesies and fans got a kick out of the post. The “Dancing With the Stars” finalist — and member of boyband *NSYNC — posted the photos to his Instagram feed on May 23, 2022.

Bass and his husband Michael Turchin welcomed twins Alexander and Violet in October 2021. Little did Bass know that his kids would be such avid boyband fans — of a rival boyband. Bass snapped a photo of his babies wearing “I [heart] BSB” onesies while they hung out in a crib.

“BUSTED!!!!! Looks like the twins have picked a side. Someone is NEVER getting a pony,” Bass captioned the Instagram post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Got a Kick Out of Bass’ Twins Wearing BSB Onesies

Although Bass and the NSYNC guys have a great relationship with many if not all of the Backstreet Boys members, there was definitely a rivalry back in the day and fans were hard pressed about which group they felt was better. This, of course, makes the photo of Bass’ twins even funnier for people who understand the joke — and the rivalry totally came out in the comments.

Bass further joked that he was “asking for it” because he named his son after BSB member AJ McLean.

Fans were quick to fill up the comments section, loving Bass’ sense of humor — and the expression on baby Alexander’s face.

“Hahahaha!!!!! His face,” actress Emmanuelle Chriqui commented.

“This is tearin’ up my heart…” one fan wrote, quoting an *NSYNC song.

“Dying!!! Team BSB always and forever! (They’re still together and touring),” someone else added.

“The audacity,” a third fan joked. “But, team *NSYNC forever. (Can you all please get uncle JC to do a vegas show so we can dress all future children in *NSYNC gear from Vegas?),” the fan added.

“Oh my gosh, never getting a pony, either of you! No matter how freaking adorable they are, which is 1000% for both of them,” a fourth comment read.

Bass Shared Another Funny Post With 1 of the Twins

In mid-May, fans were thoroughly entertained by another Bass-baby Instagram appearance. The former boybander shared a video holding one of his twins and using a filter that put his mouth over the baby’s mouth.

He chose the song “Bongo Cha Cha Cha” by Caterina Valente and when Bass sang the lyrics, it looked like the baby was singing. That post also received a ton of positive feedback as fans seem to love watching Bass with his littles.

“LOVE when I open my Instagram and there’s Bass baby content IMMEDIATELY,” one Instagram user commented.

“Thank goodness you decided to share this. Amazing,” another comment read.

“Omg. You and Michael are the best Dads in the world, I love this playful life with the little Munchkins,” a third person wrote.

“This just gave me a well needed laugh,” someone else added along with a crying with laughter emoji.

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