DWTS Judge Len Goodman Slammed For ‘Racist’ Comments Made During Queen’s Jubilee Broadcast

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“Dancing With the Stars” judge and former “Strictly Come Dancing” judge Len Goodman is receiving some backlash for a comment he made during Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee celebration on June 5.

Here’s what happened:

Goodman Relayed a Derogatory Term His Grandmother Used to Use When Talking About Curry Powder

During a segment on the BBC as part of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebration, the full clip of which you can watch on The Sun’s website, host Kirsty Young said to Goodman, “Everyone then is serving up different dishes at their street parties. Are you a cook, Len?”

“No. I’m hopeless, honestly,” Goodman replied. “My wife did coronation chicken yesterday for tea and I’ve never had it before. I’ve never had — you know, curry and curry powder. No. My nan used to call it all ‘foreign muck,’ so I was worried about it. But I must say, it was delicious, so tasty. So yeah, I had my first sampling of coronation chicken yesterday.”

The remark got a chuckle out of the other guest, chef John Torode, but viewers on Twitter were not amused.

Later on during the show, host Clare Balding issued an apology for Goodman’s remarks, apologizing if “anyone took offense” to the remarks made earlier in the show, according to the Liverpool Echo. The Telegraph later confirmed that her apology was in response to Goodman’s comments, with a spokesman for the BBC telling The Telegraph that Balding’s apology was “related to remarks made during the section of the show” when Goodman relayed his grandmother’s term for curry powder.

One Viewer Called It ‘A Dollop of Old Fashioned British Empire Xenophobia’

On Twitter, one user posted a short clip of the segment captioned, “A dollop of old fashioned British Empire xenophobia from Len Goodman on the BBC’s Jubilee coverage.”

The user went on to say that yes, Goodman was quoting his grandmother, but ” if you’re sharing a racist quote, doing it while physically wincing at the target of the racism and telling it as a supposedly humorous anecdote is no way to do it.”

Another user wrote, “Idea for a tv show… We send Len Goodman around the world to experience local culture and cuisine and decide if it’s ‘foreign muck.'”

“Len Goodman keeping the memory of the Duke of Edinburgh alive today with his casual racism live on the BBC, how thoughtful,” wrote another user.

But lots of viewers were also defending Goodman and the BBC, saying that it wasn’t actually him who said it, or defending the idea that’s just “how it was referred to back then.”

One Twitter user wrote, “Why the hell is the BBC apologising for the fact that Len Goodman’s Nan didn’t like curry powder? This is complete nonsense.”

Another viewer wrote, “How many times should people apologise for something that was said or done years ago? Len Goodman didn’t say it. His nan did.”

“Really, that’s how it was referred to back then. In no way was he being offencive. He was referring to his old nan 70 years ago. Stop making something out of nothing. Stop getting offended on behalf of others,” wrote another user.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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