‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Slam Pro Lindsay Arnold After Announcement

Lindsay Arnold

ABC Lindsay Arnold.

Some fans are upset with “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold after she announced a clothing line and used wording that some commenters felt was misleading.

Arnold announced her new clothing line on Instagram in a post on October 5, 2021. The post includes photos of Arnold and other models in new athletic clothing.

“IT’S HERE,” Arnold wrote. “What started as a dream project on my ‘wishful thinking’ list has now become a reality and I could not be more excited and proud to share with you my new activewear line made and designed for women to celebrate our beauty and individuality in ALL that we do, @five.the.label x Lindsay.”

According to a Reddit thread, however, the caption was edited after the post was originally put up. In screenshots of the original caption, Arnold’s post reads, “I could not be more excited and proud to share with you all my new activewear line made for ALL women.”

Commenters Were Upset About the ‘All Women’ Comment

In the comment section of the post, many people asked about the “all women” statement and wondered if Arnold would be including inclusive sizes, as well as wondering about the lack of plus-size models in the images.

“Really hope that when you say this is for all women and every size that means there will be inclusive sizing,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “Up to L isn’t all women. I got excited when I saw your verbiage, but none of what’s on their site comes close to inclusive.”

“Promoting this line as being for ‘All Women’ is misleading, though. So many women are larger than a size XL. I thought we were leaving in a time where inclusivity was the new normal. Disappointed in this, but best wishes for a successful and lucrative business venture,” another commenter wrote.

Others commented about Arnold’s posts about losing baby weight after she had her first child, and Arnold has also found herself under fire from fans for her alleged use of lip fillers.

Arnold did also receive some love and support on her post, especially from other “Dancing With the Stars” pros.

“Ahhh!!!!!! Get it girl,” Daniella Karagach wrote.

Britt Stewart wrote, “Yes Linds!!! Congrats.”

Rachel Kirkconnell, girlfriend of Arnold’s current “Dancing With the Stars” partner Matt James, commented, “CONGRATS! So excited for you!!!”

Arnold Is Also Accused of Deleting Critical Comments

At least one commenter on Instagram accused Arnold of deleting negative comments on the post.

“Wow @lindsarnold not only have you edited your post so that it no longer says that your line is for women of all sizes, you are also deleting comments that are pointing out that your line is not for ALL women at all!! This is a big fail. Wow,” one commenter wrote.

“Also lol at saying a size 16 is a XXL. A true, plus size XXL is at least a US 18-20,” one person wrote. “Fat people are athletic and workout and she’s really missing out on a demographic there.”

Another commented, “I just love that she thinks going up to a 16 is inclusive… no going up to 16 would not really be including plus sized. It just includes women that aren’t toothpicks.”

Many on the thread commented that Arnold was “out of touch” with other people.

All comments received a response from Arnold’s account clarifying that the sizes would be from XXS-XXL and include sizes 00 to 16, but even that response was criticized by commenters.

One wrote, “omg!! Same generated answer for everyone! Didn’t take long to feel like your answer was insincere!”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Kathryn Schuppe
Kathryn Schuppe
8 months ago

I thought love myself, love my body is about women doing what makes them feel good not what other people feel they should look and feel like. Also I highly doubt her first post before heaven forbid she had to edit it was meant to be malicious. And I would bet that she expands her sizes in her athletic wear. Everyone is so quick to jump on other people that is getting old. 🙄 oh FYI if putting fillers in her lips makes her feel good and she likes it so what…..

Terri Fentress
Terri Fentress
8 months ago

I am so sick of so many people “deciding” they are offended because they don’t like the verbiage people use. It is the curse of the internet it really is. People for God’s sake quit getting so dang offended over every little thing someone types or doesn’t type. It’s getting sooooo old. Life is short. Stop mouthing off about everything someone says or types that doesn’t fit “your” agenda. We cannot please everyone and honestly no one should have to. We can’t like everything and noone should expect to. Show some kindness to each other not tear each other down. It isn’t hard and doesn’t cost a thing. Lindsay…happy for your new venture.

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