Pregnant DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold Posts From Hospital After Injury

Lindsay Arnold

Getty Lindsay Arnold

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold injured herself on March 29, 2023, and she revealed that she later went to the hospital.

“Well we are officially at that point in pregnancy where I am injuring myself by simply putting on a pair of leggings,” Arnold wrote on her Instagram Stories alongside a video explaining that she felt like she “pulled something” and “could barely get out of the car.”

Later, Arnold revealed that she called her doctor and had to go into labor and delivery to get checked out. There, she revealed they checked her baby’s heartbeat and did blood work.

“Kind of just waiting for my OB to look over my ultrasound and give me, kind of, just what he thinks we need to do,” she shared in a later video on her Instagram Stories. “He was saying earlier that he wanted to keep me overnight just to stay on top of it, but it looked like everything was normal.”

Everything did turn out to be fine with the baby and pregnancy, but Arnold was still in pain when she left the hospital. The professional dancer shared that she plans to go to a physical therapist to get help with the pain.

Arnold is currently pregnant with her second baby. She’s due in May 2023.

Arnold Has Shared Pregnancy & Life Updates With Fans

In recent months, Arnold has been open about feeling insecure when it comes to social media and her pregnancy body.

“Going to be honest with you all I had a rough night and was pretty affected by some dms that shouldn’t bother me but do especially when I’m already having insecurities about the things someone is commenting on lol,”she wrote on Instagram. “But it’s a new day and I am going to push that aside and move forward!”

She added, “Just wanted to be real with you all and let you know that sometimes it can be tough to show up on here and be myself.”

In the video, Arnold explains she was going to respond to DMs from fans but found one that was mean about her appearance during her pregnancy like her skin and hair, which has changed throughout her pregnancy.

In a TikTok video uploaded on February 6, 2023.

In the nearly 3-minute video, Arnold does her makeup while talking about how “frustrated” she has been about her insecurities and how they’ve been fueled by social media.

In the video, Arnold shared that she spent about 45 minutes the previous night “hyper-obsessing” over pictures of herself at various stages of her life.

Arnold & Her Husband Are Expecting a Baby Girl

Arnold and her husband, Sam Cusick, are expecting a baby girl. Fans thought that she was having twins, but Arnold has clarified that she is not having twins, and the “s” at the end of the word “daughter” was just a typo.

“28 weeks pregnant making sure my unborn daughters knows he mamas still got it,” Arnold wrote in the video where she danced around while showing off her baby bump. As the caption, she wrote, “We have officially entered the 3rd trimester!”

Fans immediately latched on to the plural form of the word daughter.

“Unborn daughters?” one person asked. “meaning 2.”

Another wrote, “Wait, you’re having two??”

Many other comments asked Arnold if she is expecting two daughters and not just one.

Arnold took to her now-expired Instagram Stories to share that she is only having one child, not two.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023 on Disney+. Arnold has not revealed if she plans to return to the show or not.

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