DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold Fires Back at Online Bullies


“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold has been having a tough time lately with online bullies bringing her down. But she has a message for the haters out there — she is not going to let them keep her from being herself.

Lindsay Confessed to Her Followers That the ‘Haters’ Had Her Questioning Everything

On Instagram in April 2022, Lindsay has been coaching her followers on how to do a lymphatic drainage facial massage first thing in the morning to help eliminate morning puffiness. But on Monday, April 25, she was hesitant to post her latest video because of the negative comments she receives on her posts and in her direct messages (DMs).

In her Instagram story, Lindsay said that she was really “struggling” because she was anticipating all the negative comments she was going to get about her face.

“You want to know an honest thing that’s going on with me?” Lindsay told her followers. “I filmed [my lymphatic massage video] and it’s a close-up of my face and I just already know that people are going to make fun of me — they’re going to make fun of my lips, they’re going to make fun of my teeth or something and that is so freakin’ pathetic that I even think about that.”

She added that she’s “mad at [her]self” for even letting these things bother her, but sometimes they do.

“There are times where I don’t even wanna deal with [the negativity] or see it or hear it, so I just don’t share certain things that I think are going to get made fun of,” said the dancer.

But in the end, she decided to post the video and wrote on her story, “Screw the haters, guys! Don’t let them keep you from sharing or doing what you want.”

Lindsay Has Trouble With One Troll in Particular

In another Instagram story, Lindsay shared screenshots of one particular account from a woman named “Cheryl” — “not sharing her full handle because I don’t want to give her the attention she wants,” wrote Lindsay. We are assuming it’s not fellow pro dancer Cheryl Burke (that is a joke).

In the DMs she receives from Cheryl, Lindsay has gotten a barrage of negativity, including comments like:

  • “U love looking at yourself.”
  • “U are so freaking annoying lol, I can’t even stand it. Your daughter probably thinks that phone is a part of your head.”
  • “Omg what did u do all day while Instagram was down. I bet u went into depression and didn’t know what to do with yourself. Your poor husband.”
  • “O-mmm-gggg can u stop selling stuff for one min and get your butt out and get a real job.”
  • “Girl, can’t believe u didn’t cut some of that hair off. It is not attractive that long. Looks long and stringy.”

Lindsay wrote over top of the DMs, “Not looking for sympathy at all but hoping to remind everyone to spread love instead of hate!”

In a follow-up story, she thanked her followers for showering her with support after she shared those DMs.

“I’ve been reading your DM responses about the DMs I posted last night. I just wanted to clarify — you guys are literally the best. There are a couple of people who are mean like that, but the amount of love I receive from you guys is just so overwhelming and is the reason I continue doing what I’m doing, so thank you,” said Lindsay. “I feel like I need to hype you guys up more because you guys are the true people that make me want to do what I do, so thank you and I love you all.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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