Fans Call For Professional Dancer to Quit ‘Dancing With the Stars’


ABC "Dancing With the Stars" pros

Some fans of “Dancing With the Stars” are calling for a professional dancer to quit the show for good.

In a Reddit thread about the “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancers, some aired their frustrations about Lindsay Arnold.

“It honestly blows my mind that people like Lindsay still have a job at DWTS when people that are so hungry for dance and could easily take that spot,” the post reads. “This isn’t the case for just Lindsay but I’m mainly talking about her because she puts all her time and effort into influencing and social media and doesn’t ever do anything dance-related.”

They said that they thought that was “unfair” to other dancers and that they believe “most of the current DWTS roster needs a reality check if they aren’t still passionate about dance.”

The poster goes on to assure readers that they are not “one of those Lindsay haters that drags her for everything she does” and that they “love Lindsay.”

Some Fans Think Arnold Should Quit

In the replies, some fans said they thought Arnold should quit “Dancing With the Stars,” but not necessarily because of her status as an influencer.

“I think for me, I don’t mind the influencing, but I’d also love to see them still taking dance very seriously,” one person replied to the thread. “The pros on the show should be some of the best and they should be continuously keeping up with their craft.”

One person wanted more than just Arnold to quit the show.

“It’s obvious at this point that Lindsay, Cheryl [Burke], Witney [Carson], and Emma [Slater] are transitioning or trying to transition into their next career,” the reply reads. “Sharna hasn’t been invested in awhile either. I’d miss this era, but if they all left, I wouldn’t be mad.”

Others thought that Arnold has been trying to find more opportunities because she’s a mother and is planning on having more children in the future.

“She knows the show won’t last forever, and her time on it may end before the show does (that’s my feeling),” one reply stated. “I think one problem with the same pros being on for so many years is that everything starts to look the same.”

Another wrote, “What you said about Lindsay, I’ve said all year last year. Exactly why I feel the majority of the pros we have need to go. Bring in some fresh, QUALIFIED blood.”

Others on the thread disagreed, saying that Arnold is passionate about dance, but in the off-season, she’s free to pursue other projects.

This is not the first time that fans of the show have called for a professional dancer to move on. In March 2022, some called for Artem Chigvintsev to leave the show.

Arnold Has a New Dress Collection

Arnold recently debuted a new dress collection, her third with Ivy City Company.

“This might be my favorite drop yet!” she wrote in the Instagram post announcing her new dresses. “We took your favorite styles from my past collections and put a fun twist on them with new fabrics and colors that are all so versatile and flattering!”

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2022 in a new home. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of on ABC.

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