Fans Blast DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold As ‘Careless’ With Daughter’s Safety

Lindsay Arnold

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Some followers of “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold are upset after she posted photos of her daughter on a horse without a helmet.

Arnold, 28, uploaded photos of herself, her daughter Sage, and her husband, Sam Cusick, hanging out and teaching Sage to ride a horse. In the photos, Sage has her hair in pigtails, and she was not wearing a helmet.

“Sagey girl had her first “solo” horse ride today 🥰🥰😍😍 this girl is so adventurous and fearless it’s the cutest thing ever ❤️,” Arnold wrote. “I love how happy she gets trying new things and today was soooo fun with her ❤️ we might need to trade in those Nikes for some cowgirl boots 😉 thanks to great grandpa for showing us around!”

Followers of Arnold took to her comment section to encourage her to put her daughter in a helmet next time.

Fans Noticed Sage Was Not Wearing a Helmet

Some fans noticed that Sage wasn’t wearing a helmet in the photos of her on the horse, and they advised Arnold to be more careful with her daughter.

“No helmet?!?!? Jeez Lindsay is sometimes careless about sages safety,” one person wrote. “Life jacket taken off while boat is speeding, no gate and sage falls down the stairs and now no helmet on horse regardless if the parents are nearby.”

Another commented, “Sage should have a helmet on!! Only takes seconds for her to lose balance and fall off and get a brain injury! Just saying. Be safe!”

Some were nice about the way they delivered the advice.

“As a mama who shares this love of horses and sweet daughters who love them too I can’t encourage you enough to put a Helmet on her!!!” one person commented. “ride on Sagey! Protect your noggin!”

Another wrote, “Is nobody going to comment about how she doesn’t have a riding helmet on? No?”

Some stood up for Arnold.

“You need a helmet to sit on a motionless horse with adults inches away?” one person replied.

Another wrote, “Is nobody going to mind their business? Not YOUR daughter, therefore stay in your lane. You weren’t there so worry about your own children.”

Arnold Has Previously Rebuked Online Haters

Arnold has been no stranger to receiving backlash online.

In December 2021, some fans were upset with Arnold for her vacation posts, and in October 2021, some fans were upset about her behavior at restaurants alongside her daughter and her family. Others were upset earlier in 2021 after her announcement of a fitness line.

In an Instagram Story on April 26, 2022, Arnold shared a thread of hate messages she has received from a person who doesn’t like her.

Arnold’s caption read, “Tonight’s entertainment brought to you by ‘Cheryl’ (not sharing her full handle cause I don’t want to give her the attention she wants)”

In her second slide containing messages from the Instagram user, Arnold asked fans to stop spreading hate online.

“And yes these are all from the same person,” she wrote. “Laughing at it tonight but sometimes it sucks! Not looking for sympathy at all but hoping to remind everyone to spread love instead of hate.”

Arnold also hit out at online bullies in April 2022 after posting a video where she shared the lymphatic facial massage that she has been doing for weeks. She said in a separate video that she was hesitant to post something that was such a close up of her face because she was worried that people would say mean things about how she looked, but she told herself to post it anyway because those people’s opinions shouldn’t matter to her.

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2022 in a new home. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of on ABC.

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