DWTS Fans Blast Lindsay Arnold & Her Sisters

Lindsay Arnold poses with L.A.C. by Lindsay Arnold jewerly

Getty Lindsay Arnold poses with L.A.C. by Lindsay Arnold jewerly

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold has a weekly podcast and YouTube video series with her sisters and some fans are calling out their “entitled, bitter” attitude. Here’s what the Arnold sisters said on their podcast and their YouTube channel and why it has some fans so riled up.

Lindsay, Jensen & Brynley Were Complaining About COVID Restrictions

Lindsay does a weekly podcast with her sister Jensen (who is an alum of “So You Think You Can Dance”) called “Okay So… With Linds and Jens.” On the October 26 episode, they talked about the recent Arnold family trip to Los Angeles to visit Lindsay.

“It was a different trip than we had planned. We thought she would still be dancing on the show,” said Jensen.

Lindsay was irritated about how much she had to rehearse despite being eliminated already.

“I had to dance in a couple of numbers in the show, so I was there rehearsing all week. It was actually crazy. I rehearsed more in those three days than I ever did with my partner. I was rehearsing like 12 hours every day … honestly, I think it was pretty unnecessary because it was for opening numbers snd we’re all professionals, so it’s like it could’ve taken way less time, but that’s kind of how the show works. It’s a lot of doing things and realizing we probably could’ve gotten this done in a way shorter amount of time,” said Lindsay.

The sisters also said they’re so happy to be back in Utah because there are not COVID restrictions.

“Utah is just a million times better than California … Utah is very different from California right now. California is still very shut down, has so many COVID restrictions and regulations,” said Lindsay.

She added, “We went to a restaurant with my family and some of us are [vaccinated], some of us aren’t and they made us sit outside because some of us weren’t. It’s just crazy. In Utah, it’s different. Everything’s open, feels more back to normal, which is really nice to have.”

Jensen chimed in with, “I don’t think I liked being there this last time. It’s different. It’s not as fun and exciting, you feel restricted and almost nervous. It was really weird being in California. We made it fun, but it was very different than Utah.”

This comes on the heels of fans calling out Lindsay for letting her baby throw food on the floor of a restaurant and also claiming that the “Dancing WIth the Stars” judges have an “agenda” and that’s why she and Matt James got eliminated.

Then in a separate video on their YouTube channel, Arnold sister Brynley was crying as she explained that her anniversary trip with her husband Donny got canceled because her husband isn’t vaccinated.

“The Barbados government is out for us … we have to log our temperatures and if we have any symptoms while we’re here. Why are we doing that? … Is it because he’s not vaccinated?” she told her followers, adding, “We will be locked in our rooms for five days … we don’t even have a room key … there are worse places to be held captive in, if I’m being honest … it wasn’t cheap to have this trip … we’re stuck here.”

“I know that he would go crazy if we were [in the room] for five days … so I start sobbing,” said Brynley, adding, “We’re gonna spend our anniversary locked in a room?! … we are literally here and [the manager] is telling us we can’t use any of the resort.”

They added that they’re flying back to the U.S., which Donny said, “Back to the land of the free!”

Fans On Reddit Called The Sisters ‘Entitled’ and ‘Privileged’

In a Reddit thread, “Dancing With the Stars” fans said that the Arnold sisters are “entitled” and then complain about people trolling them online. One put it very bluntly by writing, “Lindsay’s privilege shows every time she opens up her mouth.”

“Did anyone else listen to Lindsay’s newest podcast? Her and her sister sound nothing like a bunch of entitled, bitter women who really don’t understand why people ‘troll’ them. Practices took more time than necessary, LA sucks, want to be able to protect Sage when she gets older (yet documents literally everything she does now) … I had to stop,” wrote one fan.

Another added, “The Arnold sisters seem so entitled and very very unaware of their privilege. I feel like she knows that she doesn’t need [‘Dancing With the Stars’] money/job and treats it very much like a hobby (not in regards to her work ethic, more when it comes to keeping opinions to yourself, appealing to a larger audience and just being a decent human).”

“Brynley was sobbing because her and Donny flew to an all-inclusive resort in Barbados for a delayed honeymoon, but because he wasn’t vaccinated they had to quarantine for 5 days or they could fly back to the US the next day. They flew back to the US and spend their honeymoon/anniversary trip in Miami, but Brynley was clearly crying leaving the resort. Brynley, there’s people that are dying,” wrote one user.

One viewer cannot believe that this would happen to Brynley, who is a nurse, “I get that she is sad about it, but I would think she is most upset at herself and her husband for not checking this out before flying and at him for not being vaccinated (not only is she a nurse but they can’t live in that much of a bubble that they aren’t aware that other countries are a little more restrictive when it comes to quarantine rules and such).”

Another chimed in with, “ESPECIALLY if they are going to an island – where vaccines aren’t readily available and if there’s an outbreak it will be hard to contain/not as good quality healthcare. should have checked the Barbados / travel requirements before traveling, since things are constantly changing.”

“The free country comment was so cringe,” said another commenter. “They’re welcome to stay in their ‘free country’ if they want because I guarantee other countries will have similar restrictions (for example on indoor dining/where you can and can’t go) in the future.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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