Former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Reveals They are Expecting Babies

Dancing With the Stars

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Another former Dancing With the Stars contestant is on her way to becoming a mother. Season 14 contestant Maria Menounos and her husband Keven Undergaro revealed that they are expecting on an episode of her show Better Together

First, Menounos said that she’s thinking about moving out of California and possibly to Nashville.

“It is beautiful, [and] we are going to have a family,” she said. “We want to raise them somewhere where there will be kids next door and you’re not afraid. L.A. just doesn’t have that … especially in the kid phase of our lives, [I] want something different.”

She then shared that she believed Nashville may be “Mama Bear’s Bed.”

Menounos Previously Announced She Wants Children Soon

During the December 15 episode of her show, Menounos said that she wants to have children soon and that her expecting babies helped her mother get through COVID-19 and also battle a brain tumor.

“The thing I keep saying to my mom is, ‘We’re going to get better every minute of every day, Mom. Every minute of every day we’re getting better and better’…” she shared. “That’s my mantra. Yesterday, I said to her, ‘You gotta get strong, you gotta hang on – you’ve got grandchildren coming, and they might even be showing up…'”

Menounos continued, “Well, they’re definitely showing up next year. I was gonna say around a certain time, but I won’t share yet because I don’t wanna… anyway!”

Menounos Previously Revealed She Was Considering Using a Surrogate

In order to have children, Menounos previously revealed that she would consider using a surrogate agency because of the brain tumor she battled in 2017, according to People.

“I do have some kids in the freezer, maybe we’ll implant,” she told the outlet at the time. “But if not, we’ll look into surrogacy.”

Then, in 2019, Menounos told Entertainment Tonight that she and her husband had taken the next step in the surrogate process.

“Today, Kevin finally sent in our paperwork to the surrogate agency because it’s been sitting on my desk for, like, two weeks,” she told the outlet in 2019. She said that there had been a delay at the time because of her mother’s brain tumor.

She added, “Even though my mom is in this situation, I wanted to do things a little differently. I don’t want to stop life. That’s why I’m here tonight even though I’d rather be home crying. You have to move forward. We went and met with the agency anyhow and I said, ‘Let’s do things differently. Let’s keep moving things forward.'”

It looks like all the hard work and paperwork paid off since the couple now seems to be expecting their first child, or children, sometime this year. She did not provide details on the number of children they may be expecting or when exactly they will are due.

Menounos and Undergaro tied the knot in 2018 on New Year’s Eve and then had a ceremony in Greece later that year, according to Page Six.

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