DWTS Pro Was Ready to Walk Away for Good Ahead of Season 31

The Mirrorball Trophy.

ABC A DWTS pro shared a touching tribute to his season 31 partner.

The “Dancing With the Stars” season 31 cast has been sharing posts about the season and their partners after the show crowned a new winner.

On November 23, 2022, pro Mark Ballas — who won the Mirrorball Trophy with his partner Charli D’Amelio — penned a touching tribute post on Instagram. In his caption, Ballas admitted that he almost didn’t join season 31 — he hasn’t been on the show since season 25.

“I was extremely hesitant about joining this season & was leaning towards saying no as I felt this chapter of my life had come to a close. After receiving the offer & thinking about it a while, for some strange reason I took the leap & said yes,” Ballas wrote.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ballas Said He Knew That There Was Something ‘Extremely Special’ Inside D’Amelio

When Ballas first met his TikTok star partner, he picked up on her “shy” and “timid” persona — but he really felt that they would do big things.

“I knew there was something extremely special in there, which became even more apparent after our first performance,” he wrote. In a post shared on her Instagram feed, D’Amelio thanked Ballas for believing in her “from day one.”

Ballas and D’Amelio “built a bond” that was evident on the dance floor. Ballas called that bond “unique” and “unbreakable.” He went on to call D’Amelio “a total diamond” and praised her work ethic.

“The thing that impressed me most about you aside from your natural talent & gift was your STELLAR attitude, you worked so hard, put in extra hours, were never on your phone in rehearsal go mode & had total trust in me and all my wild ideas. Not once did you question me, whenever I ran an idea by you or asked you which direction, song, costume or move you liked, you would always say ‘I trust you so… whatever you think will work best,'” he continued.

D’Amelio’s Mom Said That Ballas Is Family

The season of “Dancing With the Stars” may have only lasted a couple of months, but it’s clear that D’Amelio and Ballas will be friends for years to come.

“We created a body of work that I will always be proud of & to say that I’m proud of you is an understatement. Enjoy this moment with your whole heart because you deserve this Char. I feel honored & privileged to have been your coach, partner, friend & big brother,” Ballas wrote in his Instagram post.

In the comments section, D’Amelio’s mom, Heidi D’Amelio (who also competed on season 31 of DWTS), shared her own message to Ballas.

“I love that both of your paths crossed in the most beautiful way. @markballas you are family and there are not a lot of people we trust in our circle but you, your wife and your family are part of the village it takes and I could not be more proud of you both,” Heidi D’Amelio said.

Charli D’Amelio also called Ballas “family” in her Instagram post.

“You were here for me through every step of this experience, and i am so glad that we got to go through this together i will forever know i have you by my side as not only a dance partner but as family,” she wrote.

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