DWTS Season 30 Competitor Hit By a Car in New York City

DWTS season 30 cast.

ABC A former DWTS contestant got hit by a car.

It was a scary day for a competitor of season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Matt James was training for the Boston Marathon in New York City when he was hit by a car. Thankfully, his injuries were not severe.

“So last week, when I was biking to Jason’s event at 92Y up in Upper East side, I actually got hit by a car when I was on my Citi Bike,” the former “Bachelor” said on his Instagram Stories.

“But I landed on my feet cuz I’m an athlete,” he said, before revealing that he didn’t actually “land on his feet,” and showed a video of his leg which was he said he cut up “pretty bad.”

Here’s what you need to know:

James’ Injury Has Factored Into His Marathon Training

Due to the injury that James suffered, which he compared to a bone bruise, he said that his marathon training has been “funky.”

“I’ve just been doing 3-mile walks on the treadmill, and biking like a mad man. And I’m not gonna run until Boston,” James added. He said he’s going to continue training the best that he can until Marathon Monday (April 18, 2022).

“I’m going to just keep doing core, biking, stretching, and praying for the best,” he said, before adding that there’s “no conventional way to train” for the Boston Marathon and he’s just hoping for the best.

“I’m just hoping to finish in a respectable time this go around,” James added.

According to Runner’s World, James has always been a runner — ever since he was a kid. He crossed the finish line at the 2019 Chicago Marathon in 4:45:32, and completed the 2021 New York City Marathon in 5:02:23.

He told the outlet that one of the things he loves about marathons is how they “bring people together.” He also emphasized that running is for “everyone.”

“Big, small, tall, old, young—there’s not one category of runner. Everyone can be a runner,” he told the outlet.

Some Fans Took to Reddit to React to James’ Post

Several fans took to Reddit to discuss the dangers of riding bikes in New York City, and many expressed concern.

“It’s incredibly frustrating how even if you manage to be seen on the road, so many drivers don’t treat cyclists as people. Props to Matt for having such a positive attitude bc I’d be mad for the rest of my life!! I have nearly a decade of experience as an urban cyclist and practice very defensive riding, but having grown up 30 min outside of NY i still don’t know if i could bike there,” one person wrote.

“Oh nooo getting hit by a car is so scary. I’ve been hit twice (on the same crosswalk actually lol) and I chastise all of my friends and family to be super vigilant on crosswalks even if you have the right of way because some drivers are absolutely terrible. Look behind your shoulder a couple times while crossing to make sure nobody is turning and doesn’t see you. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously injured,” another Redditor commented.

“This hits too close to home. Also training for Boston right now and there are multiple close calls each week. I have been hit by a car on my bike multiple times. One time a couple years ago put me on the shelf for a couple months. Lucky it’s never been worse,” a third person sympathized.

“I don’t really like Matt but I feel bad for him! Did the driver help him whatsoever? I was hit by a car when crossing the crosswalk because a woman was texting on the phone and she did nothing once she hit me. I hate people,” someone else added.

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