Season 32 Feud? Fans React After Contestant Apparently Unfollows Pro Partner

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Heavy/ABC Mauricio Umansky may have unfollowed Emma Slater for a brief period.

Weeks after the season 32 “Dancing With the Stars” finale, it appears as though contestant Mauricio Umansky unfollowed his pro partner, Emma Slater.

For a short period of time on December 23, 2023, Slater wasn’t showing up amongst the people that Umansky follows. However, as confirmed by Heavy on December 24, 2023, the two do appear to be following one another once more.

Nevertheless, fans took to Reddit to react to the apparent unfollowing, which may have been an Instagram glitch.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Speculated About Why Mauricio Umansky Might Have Unfollowed Emma Slater

Dozens of fans took to Reddit to discuss the fact that Umansky wasn’t following Slater at one point and many speculated as to why. Since the two seemed to get along swimmingly and hadn’t showed any signs of a feud or falling out, most fans were stumped as to why Umansky would have made such a move.

“Maybe it was to keep the peace with Kyle that he unfollow Emma,” one person suggested.

“Something happened. At least they appeared to be close on the show, so I’m surprised,” another comment read.

“I think it’s for the best, hopefully she doesn’t get dragged into any of his personal drama,” a third Redditor added.

“They were so close! This is definitely sus,” a fourth person said.

Umansky has been spending some time with his “Dancing With the Stars” co-star, Lele Pons. According to ET, the new pals were seen skiing together in Aspen, Colorado, ahead of the Christmas holiday. They were joined by Brazilian singer, Anitta.

Mauricio Umansky & Emma Slater Previously Denied Dating Rumors

It didn’t take long for dating rumors to surface following Umansky and Slater’s on-screen partnership. After the two were spotted out to dinner together — and walking in a parking lot holding hands — said rumors kicked into high gear.

Umansky, who is separated from his wife, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards, was quick to deny any sort of romantic involvement with Slater.

“We do want to address this story,” Umansky said in a video posted on Instagram Stories on October 26, 2023. “About whether or not Emma and I are dating. Whether we went out on a date. For full clarity, we are not dating. We are really good friends. We’ve been dancing together now for six weeks, four hours a day, every single day,” he added.

“We went to a restaurant to go get some sushi, right after rehearsal. We were in our rehearsal clothes. Lots of the stories are wrong,” Umansky continued.

“It’s a very intense week. A very emotional week. We were talking about the week during dinner and when we came out of dinner, we were recapping and I reached out to grab Emma’s hand and she grabbed my hand and then we walked to the cars, just recapping and summarizing. And then the paparazzi caught that moment. And it’s become a blown out moment,” he said.

Umansky and Slater haven’t been seen together publicly since the season 32 finale on December 5, 2023.

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