Nelly Dishes About ‘DWTS’ Partner Daniella & Behind-the-Scenes Details

Nelly and Daniella

ABC/Eric McCandless

During season 29 of Dancing With the Stars, fans were introduced to a new professional dancer with the addition of Daniella Karagach, who was partnered with celebrity contestant Nelly for her initial season.

In a new interview with TV Line, Nelly opened up about his relationship with Karagach and talked about what it was like to compete on Dancing With the Stars. 
He said in the interview he still believes that anyone could win the competition at this point.

“I’ve seen that each night it’s somebody different [on top] and each week, different people show different skills,” he said. “Some people shine on certain nights and with certain dances.”

Nelly Says Karagach Reminds Him of His Sister

In the interview, Nelly talked about how he felt about being partnered with Karagach since it’s her first season on the show.

“We’re both learning on the fly,” he said. “We’re both hard workers and so competitive. I think some people can look at [this being her first season] as a crutch, but we see it as a bonus. It makes us work that much harder.”

He added that he takes all the time in one week to rehearse and learn a single dance, so the addition of the second dance in recent weeks has been very tough on him, but Karagach’s presence is comforting.

“What I like about Dani is that she reminds me of my sister in that she’s very determined and very driven,” he said. “She’s passionate about what she does.”

Nelly Thinks He May Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Nelly said in the TV Line interview that he thinks he has a chance to win Dancing With the Stars. Because there are different people at the bottom each week, Nelly believes he might be able to take home the mirrorball trophy. Either way, he’s happy he went on the show.

“I’m grateful that I’ve made it as far as I have,” he said.

The music superstar also said that he loves learning from Daniella because she’s so passionate about dancing.

“That has made it easier for me to learn from her because she loves what she does,” he said. “She’s definitely got a control factor about her but that’s actually great. She believes in me and wants us to win. It’s about meeting in the middle.”

He said that she’s a lot younger than him, so he definitely has more limitations than she does.

“Along the way, we’ve learned to understand each other in terms of knowing how far we can go,” he added. “That’s brought out the best in us and has allowed us to succeed as far as we have. It’s a great testament to Dani’s choreography and our hard work.”

He has also thanked Daniella multiple times on Instagram.

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