DWTS Pro’s Son Taken to the Emergency Room

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Pixabay The son of a DWTS pro was taken to the emergency room following an accident.

A “Dancing With the Stars” pro and his wife were faced with a scary situation when their young son cut himself and needed to be taken to the emergency room for medical treatment.

On November 9, 2022, Nikki Bella revealed that her son, Matteo — with DWTS pro Artem Chigvintsev — was taken to the ER after a bad cut on his fingers. The reality star, who also appeared on “Dancing With the Stars,” didn’t provide too much detail about how Matteo, 2, hurt himself or if he needed to get stitches.

Heavy has reached out to Bella’s rep for comment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bella Said That Seeing Her Son Injured Was the ‘Worst Feeling’ She’s Had Since Becoming a Mom

Bella shared her son’s accident in a bit of a recap post on Instagram.

“What a weeeeeek! Wrapped on set. Had to take little Teo to the ER for a really bad cut on his fingers. Absolute worst feeling so far as a mama!!” she wrote.

Bella shared a picture of Matteo with his hand all bandaged up and only his thumb exposed. While it’s unclear what may have happened, Matteo appeared to be in good spirits as he smiled when his picture was taken. In another photo, Matteo was sitting on his dad’s lap and his bandaged hand was in full view.

Several fans reacted to Matteo’s accident in the comments section of Bella’s post.

“Hope Teo is okay after the trip to the ER for a really bad cut on his finger. Had to see him hurt. You all are an amazing family. Take care and love to everyone,” one comment read.

“OMG Poor Teo!!! I hope it heal’s up fast and he is not in to much pain, poor baby I can’t imagine the fear that ran through you!!!” someone else wrote.

“Oh sorry about Matteo’s accident. But yes these things happen, I remember my Son cut his little finger on a bike spoke. He got 1 (one) stich [sic]. To this day we call him ‘stich’ [sic] LOL. Hope he feels better,” a mom empathized.

Chigvintsev Shared Some New Photo of Matteo & His Hand Appeared Healed

Following Chigvintsev’s DWTS season 31 elimination, he got to spend some quality time with his wife and their son.

“So lucky to have days like this,” Chigvintsev captioned his post. While it’s unclear when the photos in the post were taken, Matteo was seen playing in the sand on a beach and his hand was not wrapped up, nor did he appear to have any stitches — or even a scar.

Matteo was all smiles as he built sand castles with his mom and dad — a much-needed family outing after several weeks of Chigvintsev being tied up with work.

“So Daddy… will you finally start TikToking with me now?! I’ve only been asking for the past 3 years!” Bella’s life update post caption read, in part. Chigvintsev obliged.

“Love you my click you always make me smile and yes TikTok coming your way,” he commented on his wife’s post, adding three red heart emoji.

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