DWTS’ Olivia Jade Responds to Val Chmerkovskiy Affair Rumor

Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy on 'Dancing With the Stars'

ABC Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy on 'Dancing With the Stars'

“Dancing With the Stars” contestant Olivia Jade has responded to the rumor that she and her married professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy are having an affair. The rumor was started by a TikToker who reenacts stories that people send to her.

Here is what Olivia had to say about the allegations, plus the reasons why fans think she and Val are being “inappropriate” anyway.

The Original TikTok Has Been Deleted, But Olivia Jade Stitched It Into Her Response


clearing this one up real quick before this goes any further.

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The original TikTok was made by a woman whose account has since been deleted, but according to Reddit users, who saw the account before it was deleted, the user reenacts celebrity gossip that people send to her and doesn’t care if the stories are true.

The original video said this about Olivia and Val:

Me working on the set of “Dancing With the Stars.” One of the male dancers requesting for his wife not to come near his trailer. Me noticing that dancer and his wife are never seen on set together at all this season. One day me walking past his trailer and hearing… dancer and young female partner/contestant giggling. Me: That’s weird, that’s suspicious… Over the next couple of weeks. Them being super friendly and touchy on set.

It is at this point that Olivia Jade jumped in and set the record straight about what is going on with her and her partner — they are just good friends.

Olivia said:

Hey guys. I just wanna clear the air before this goes any further or this video blows up anymore. First of all, the woman who posted it blocked me and somebody had to send me this video. But I’m just gonna be super blunt and straight up and say Val and I are not hooking up. We have never hooked up, this is a complete rumor. We’re genuinely really good friends and I adore his wife [fellow pro Jenna Johnson]. It’s literally just a dance show and we’re just friends and I don’t know why everything always has to be something, but I’ve obviously already seen a ton of negative comments and yeah, I mean, I get it if it was true, but it’s not, so let’s end this here and let’s f****ing dance and have fun on this show and not create lies, especially when you almost have 400k followers. It’s not cool.

Several fans posted messages of support on Reddit, with one user writing, “Fans making up this kind of BS gossip is just mean,” and another writing, “[TikTok] accounts like this shouldn’t be allowed. … there’s something slimy about having an account where you just run with any story you’re told without vetting. rue or not, at the end of the day real people’s lives and relationships can be ruined because of posts like this.”

In an interview following “Grease” week on the show, US Weekly asked the couple about the rumor and they reiterated that there is nothing going on and they are focused on the competition — “We wanna win this trophy, we’re not focused on that [rumor],” said Olivia.

Val added, “People say crazy things all the time … I just don’t want it to take away from what’s really happening, which is a lot of work, a lot of effort,a lot of joy … we’re both having a blast. I get a blast because I get to dance and I love dance. If anything, I have a romance with dance.”

Still, Some Fans Think Olivia & Val Are Being ‘Inappropriate’ To Get Votes

Olivia Jade’s Foxtrot – Dancing with the StarsOlivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy dance the Foxtrot to “Summer Nights” by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John from the movie “Grease” on Dancing with the Stars Grease Night! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!2021-10-19T00:49:41Z

There are a couple of other Reddit threads where fans have expressed their discomfort with how touchy-feely Val and Olivia are on the show, especially considering their age difference (Olivia is 22 and Val is 35) and the fact that he’s married — and his wife is on the show as well.

“Val and Olivia have kind of been inappropriate but I think honestly its all for show and playing it up so people can vote for them,” said one fan.

Another wrote, “Olivia posted on her Insta a pic of her and Val and said something about him being her ‘for lifer’ or something along those lines. It has since been deleted or recaptioned – that definitely left a weird feeling for me and I’ve been questioning their partnership since.”

A third user thinks it’s the show giving them a “showmance edit” that is making Olivia and Val seem “borderline inappropriate.”

“Is it me, or is the show specifically editing the relationship between Olivia and Val to be … borderline inappropriate? Like it’s clear that is big bro little sis, but it’s also clear she has a crush lol,” wrote the fan, adding, “The judges have spoken about their ‘chemistry’ like… at least the previous 3 episodes. … it just seems strange because I don’t hear any other couples getting chemistry edits or commentary. It just seems weird to me, because she presents very young, even though she is 21(?) and Val is very married lol. It’s like, Jenna has never had a showmance edit with a partner on the show, and I always suspected that it was Val’s clout as a pro that made it that way.”

Regardless, one way to dispel these kinds of rumors could be pairing Val with a man next season. He has said that he would dance with a man “in a heartbeat.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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